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Skip Hire Pros East Rand Consider hiring a skip today! Have a large amount of waste to dispose of? Consider a skip! We deliver, you fill and then we schedule a pick up - as easy as it seems! If you need skip leasing services in East Rand, get in touch with us. Make use of our skip bins for:

Backyard junk General rubbish Event rubbish Demolition rubbish Building rubble Trash from shops Leftover metal Dust and soil

Skip Hire Pros East Rand Address: Witfield, Boksburg, 1459 087 250 2331 Website: Social Media:

Debris removal service in East Rand. Looking for reliable skip hire? You Call, We Deliver✓ You fill, We Collect, We dump your waste responsibly✓.

Skip rentals in East Rand near you! Skip leasings in East Rand All of your tours to the garbage lot will now be negligible. After selecting a skip, your job is to load it before we talk to you to collect it. Simply load the online form that requests delivery and collection dates and that's it. We offer a 2-day turn-around to collect the skip, but you can also keep it for a longer timeframe.

Renting a skip for your home Non Commercial Skip Rentals Are you worried about too much waste that even your local municipal waste collection can't handle? Choosing a skip can help you! We drop it off at your home, you fill it up and then we collect it. Our non commercial skips can be used for: Yard waste Restoration waste Spring cleaning General waste Commercial Skip Rentals Industrial Skip Rentals Our skips can also accommodate commercial uses. Skips are a more hygienic way of garbage disposal and can be more cost-effective than disposing of it yourself. We can leave our skips on your premises for your desired time period and then collect them once full. Industrial skips are perfect for: Workplaces that are being restored Restaurants Businesses that generate lots of waste Shops Yard services Contact us today or fill out the easy online form to discuss your waste removal needs with us!

Construction Skip Rentals Construction Skip Rentals Construction sites create a lot of junk and rubbish, which can be very costly to eliminate. You can either hire 2 mini cubes, 6 midi cubes, or 11 maxi cubes. Just fill the online form and we will arrange skip delivery and pick up depending on to your choice. Skip Sizes Skip Sizes Our skips are available in 3 user-friendly sizes: Mini (2 cubes). Midi (6 cubes). Maxi (11 cubes). You can easily choose mini skip bins for domestic waste such as lawn waste. A mini skip can fit around 2 Venter trailer's worth of junk. Midi sized skips are ideal for light professional usage that equals to 30 your local municipal waste collection bins. Maxi skips can easily stash 2 midi skips worth of building and construction dump. Skip Delivery and Collection in East Rand Skip Delivery and Collection in East Rand. We supply skips to any area in East Rand! Our skip leasings can be utilized for as many days as you like and once you are ready for us to collect it, call us. Get a free skip hire quote by contacting us or filling up the online form.

Cost of skip rental Skip Rent Prices Our skip leasing fees are based per skip. The expenses also rely on how long you keep the skips. For a 2-day leasing the fees can vary as follows: Mini (2 cubes) skip: R 700 Midi (6 cubes) skip: R 1500 Maxi (11 cubes) skip: R 2800 Our expenses consist of skip shipment and collection in East Rand. Dump your waste responsibly You can rely on our safe and eco-friendly garbage disposal. Any recyclable dump is taken to a specialized recycling plant, while dump that can't be reprocessed is taken to a registered landfill dump. Our dump discarding techniques are legal and authorized. Why you should consider hiring a skip For anyone who requires to dispose of more waste than your local municipal waste collection, our skip hires are the right choice for them. Selecting a skip will save you time and money for waste disposal and is perfect for: Large amounts of waste from eating venues, events, and outlets Dump at building and construction sites Household waste that includes lawn refuse and other household waste Do you need assist in going for the ideal skip for you? Give us a ring to discuss with us!

What You can Put in your Skip You can put any form of rubbish or junk in the skip if it is not harmful. Our next step is to responsibly get rid of the waste either at a recycling unit or at a land fill. Contact us if you have any inquiries or for a free of cost estimate. Debris Extraction. Do you need to refurbish your home or take care of a building and construction site? Select a skip and put your junk inside and we will collect when you contact us. Fill out the online form for a free of cost estimate.

FAQ Do you supply skip rentals to a specific area? We supply skip service services to the greater East Rand area. When your skip is full or you are ready for it to go, we will collect it- it's as easy as that! For how many days I can keep the skip? Skips can be rented for as long as you desire. Some of our clients rent out skips for 24-48 hours, and some keep skips for keeps. Regardless of what your requirement is, you can reach out to us here! Can I put all form of waste in the skip? You should stay away from discarding industrial waste in the skip. We do our best to recycle the materials as far as feasible. We dispose of non-recyclable responsibly at a dumping ground.

At what rate I can rent a skip? It depends on the period and the overall size of skip. Below are our basis fees: Mini (2 cubes) skip: R 700 Midi (6 cubes) skip: R 1500 Maxi (11 cubes) skip: R 2800 How should I select the overall size of a skip? If your home utilizes 2 Venter trailers for household or lawn waste, a mini skip is what you want. Midi skips are great for commercial dump due to their 3X overall size than mini skips while maxi skips are great for discarding building and construction site dump. We supply a quick analysis and supply you the ideal overall size of skip - fill the form here! What do you do with my waste after you collect it? After collecting the waste, we take it to the recycle plant. The rest of the waste is taken to a garbage dump. We never utilize illegal waste disposal methods. Why would I want to rent a skip instead of a truck or bakkie? It is considered as the most cost-effective technique to dispose of the dump. We will collect the waste while you just have to dump it inside - it saves your time!

How uncomplicated is it to use the skip? It is not complicated at all in fact, it is really uncomplicated. Simply toss the junk in a skip without the use of any ladder or tools. All you need to do is put the junk inside and forget. We take care of the rest! Is a skip rental the right choice for me? By using your local municipal waste collection, you'll only be able to discard one roller each week. Anything more than that has to be disposed of by you. Truck or bakkie on the other hand, will be more costly and time-consuming. A skip rental can save you time, work and money! Visit us to contact us for a free quotation!

Do the recyclable items go to a recycling facility? Yes, we do! We dispose of all recyclable materials at an authorized recycling facility. Other dump is disposed of in a landfill facility. I have complex waste removal needs - can you help? Yes, why not? Call us now or send us a sms message and we will propose the best skip possible.

Witfield, Boksburg, Gauteng, South Africa 1459