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Skip Hire Pros Centurion Hire your skip today Does piling up waste keep you worried? Hire a skip! We offer skips to your building, you fill up and we pick up - it’s never been this easy! Reach us for skip rental services in Centurion. Our skip bins are best for:

Scrap metal Building junk Demolition trash Yard refuse General trash Event rubbish Waste from shops Dirt and soil

Skip Hire Pros Centurion Address: Clubview, Centurion, 0014 087 250 3146 Website: Social Media:

Debris removal service in Centurion. Looking for reliable skip hire? You Call, We Deliver✓ You fill, We Collect, We dump your waste responsibly✓.

Skip rentals in Centurion Skip rentals in Centurion No need to make countless visits to throw. Hire a skip and we will pick up once you have filled it. You can fill up our easy online form to choose the shipment and collection dates. We offer a 2-day turn-around to pick up the skip, but you can also keep it for a longer span.

Residential Skip Rentals Home Skip Hires Are you having way too much waste? Selecting a skip can help you! We drop it at your home, you can load it, and we will pick it up. Our home skips are ideal for: General waste Lawn waste Renovation waste Spring cleaning Skip rentals for commercial use Commercial Skip Hires Go ahead and use skip leasings for industrial property as well. By using skips, you can save some money as well as dispose of the waste hygienically. We will leave the skips at your office for as long as you want and will pick up once you have filled them. Our industrial skips are perfect for: Businesses that generate lots of waste Restaurants Shops Lawn services Workplaces that are being renovated

Call us now to discuss your waste removal requirements!

Skip hire for construction sites Building Skip Hires Rubble and trash clearing from constructing areas can be so tough and also costs too much. You can pick any of the mini, midi, or maxi cubes that comes in a combination of 2, 6, and 11 cubes. Fill the web-based form to get the skip supplied and collected. Various skip sizes to choose from Skip Sizes Our skips can accommodate any kind of requirement in 3 user-friendly sizes: Mini (2 cubes). Midi (6 cubes). Maxi (11 cubes). Go ahead and choose mini skip bins for your yard waste. Mini skip bins can keep as much dump as 2 Venter trailers. Midi skips are equivalent to 30 your local municipal waste collection bins that can fit light industrial dump disposal. Construction areas are best suited to maxi skips which are practically twice the size of midi sized skips. Delivery as well as collection available in Centurion Skip Shipment and Collection in Centurion. Skip shipment services are available for the Centurion area! Skip leasings are offered for as long as you want and once you want us to pick up it, let us know! Contact us or fill up the web-based form to get a free quotation for skip leasings.

Skip Rental Prices Skip Leasing Fees Our rental costs are based upon per skip. Fees can differ depending on how long you want to keep the skip. A quick estimate of 2-day skip rental is: Mini (2 cubes) skip: R 700 Midi (6 cubes) skip: R 1500 Maxi (11 cubes) skip: R 2800 Our rates include skip shipment and collection anywhere in Centurion. Make sure you dump your waste responsibly Our garbage disposal techniques are eco-friendly. We dispose of the recyclable dump into the specialized plant and the other form of dump into a landfill dump. We ensure that your waste is disposed lawfully. Why hire a skip? If you have more waste than your local municipal waste collection, then our rental is the best service. Apart from saving your money and time, skip rentals are perfect for: Refuse generated at the events, eating places, and stores Dump compiled from building projects Lawn waste and residential waste such as household items Still not sure which skip is best for you? Get in touch with us and we will assist you in selecting the best skip for you!

What You can Put in your Skip You can put any form of trash, junk or refuse into your skip provided it is not unsafe. We will then either reprocess the waste in a dedicated plant or at a dumping ground facility. Simply contact us here for all your queries or a cost-free quote. Rubble Extraction. Are you taking care of a building site or looking to refurbish your property? Hire a skip, dump your junk inside and we will pick up it when you want. Fill out the easy form here to learn more or a cost-free quotation.

FAQ Where can you transport skips to? We transport through the greater Centurion region. Just call us to pick up the skip when it is full - yes, we make it that easy! Can I keep the skip for longer? Keep the skip for as many days as you want! Some of our clients only want a skip for 24 to 48 hours on a once-off basis, while others keep their skips for numerous days or weeks on a regular basis. No matter of what your requirement is, you can connect with us here! Is it possible to put all form of waste in a single skip? Put any form of waste in your skip if it is not hazardous. We recycle the waste at a far place. Non-recyclable dump is sent to a registered garbage dump facility and is never illegally disposed.

How much should I pay for skip leasing? Fees fluctuate according to the skip size and how much time you need it. Our rates are as mentioned below: Mini (2 cubes) skip: R 700 Midi (6 cubes) skip: R 1500 Maxi (11 cubes) skip: R 2800 How can I calculate the size of skip I need? If your home utilizes 2 Venter trailers for household or yard waste, a mini skip is what you need. A midi skip on the other hand is 3 times more large than mini skip and maxi skip at its biggest can store building site waste. We provide a quick assessment and provide you the best size of skip - fill the form here! Do you recycle the waste after you pick up it? We do our best to recycle as much waste as possible. We take the remaining non-recyclable dump to the landfill site. We never use illegal waste disposal methods. Why would I need to find a skip as opposed to a truck or bakkie? Skip is far more cost-efficient than a truck or bakkie. It is also more convenient and saves you time because you simply dump your waste inside and wait for us to pick up!

Can I use a skip without any trouble? Yes, it is really simple! Just through the junk inside without any ladder or equipment. Your only job is to put the waste inside. We'll deal with the rest! Should I go for skip hire instead of other garbage disposal techniques? your local municipal waste collection can only dispose of one roller every week. Anything more than that has to be disposed of by you. It can be expensive, cumbersome and time-consuming to use a bakkie, trailer or truck for waste removal. Save your time, money, and effort by selecting a skip hire service. Visit here to contact us for a totally free quotation!

Will my waste be recycled? Yes, we do! We dispose of all recyclable materials at an authorized reusing facility. Other waste is taken to a landfill facility. I need to talk about my waste removal needs - can you help? Sure! Go ahead and call us or send us a text message to hear what we can offer you.

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