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Skip Hire Pros Cape Town Need to hire a skip? Call us today! Are you stressed about where to throw away a massive volume of waste? Consider a skip! We supply, you load and then we schedule a pick-up - as effortless as it seems! We supply skip leasing solutions around Cape Town. Choose our skip bins for: Building junk Lawn trash General rubbish Event rubbish Demolition rubbish Rubbish from shops Leftover metal Dirt and soil

Skip Hire Pros Cape Town Address: Bellville, Cape Town, 7530 087 250 3179 Website: Social Media:

Debris removal service in Cape Town. Looking for reliable skip hire? You Call, We Deliver✓ You fill, We Collect, We dump your waste responsibly✓.

Skip rentals in Cape Town near you! Skip rentals in Cape Town We know how tiresome it is to carry your rubbish and junk to the rubbish pile each day. Choose us, load the skip, and we will collect. Simply fill up the online form that requests shipment and collection dates and that's it. Our usual turn-around time is 2-day but you can keep the skip for longer too.

Renting a skip for your home Home Skip Rentals Are you having a lot of waste? Skip hire is the ultimate solution! We drop, you load it up, and then we come to collect it. Our non-commercial skips can be used for: Spring cleaning Lawn waste General waste Renovation waste

Skip rentals for commercial use Industrial Skip Rentals Our skips can also suit commercial uses. Skips are user-friendly and a clean way to dispose of waste. Our skips will be at your premises till you manage to load them. Our commercial skips can best offer: Workplaces that are being renovated Restaurants Businesses that generate lots of waste Shops Lawn services Phone us or load the online form so that we can explain our skip hires in detail.

Construction Skip Rentals Building Skip Rentals Constructing spots generate a ton of junk and rubbish, which can be very costly to eliminate. Go for either mini (2 cubes), midi (6 cubes), or maxi (11 cubes) to fulfil your building waste extraction demands. Just fill-up the internet-based form and we will schedule skip shipment and pick up according to your choice. Skip Sizes Skip Sizes Our skips can accommodate any kind of requirement in 3 user-friendly sizes: Mini (2 cubes). Midi (6 cubes). Maxi (11 cubes). Mini skip bins are excellent for residential waste extraction, such as lawn waste. Mini skip bins can store as much waste as 2 Venter trailers. Alternatively, midi skips supply enough storage for light industrial waste that equates to 30 your local municipal waste collection bins. Maxi skips are double that of midi skips and can easily accommodate building spots waste. Delivery and collection available in Cape Town Skip Delivery and Collection in Cape Town. We can supply skips to you if you live in Cape Town! Skip hires can be utilized for many days too and once you are ready for the collection, give us a call. For a free quote or phone today to discuss your skip rental demands.

Cost of skip rental Skip Leasing Costs We charge on a per skip basis. Skip leasing fees also vary on the basis of the timeframe of leasing. For 2-day leasing the rates can vary as follows: Mini (2 cubes) skip: R 700 Midi (6 cubes) skip: R 1500 Maxi (11 cubes) skip: R 2800 These are the typical charges for skip delivery and collection anywhere in Cape Town. Responsible Dumping of your Waste Our waste disposal procedures are environment-friendly. Any recyclable waste is taken to a dedicated recycling plant, while waste that can't be reused is taken to a certified landfill dump. We will never illegitimately discard your waste. Why you should consider hiring a skip Anyone who has more waste than your local municipal waste collection will pick up will benefit from our skip leasings. Skip leasings are most ideal for saving money and time for: Rubbish generated at the events, eating places, and outlets Construction site waste Household waste that includes lawn junk and other residential waste Can't decide which skip to hire? Call us and we will aid you to make a choice!

Items Allowed in your Skip Aside from the dangerous waste materials, you can put any type of rubbish, refuse, or junk into the skip. Then we will throw away it at a recycling plant or a disposal area. Connect with us here for any concerns or a free of charge price quote. Junk Elimination. Are you renovating your residence? Choose a skip, dump your junk inside and we will collect it when you are ready. Fill in the online form for a free of charge price quote.

FAQ Do you offer to skip rentals to a specific area? We are accessible throughout Cape Town. Whenever you find out that skip is full, we will come and collect it - simple! What if I keep the skip for a much longer time span? You can keep the skip for as long as you require! Our customers keep their skips for as short as 24 hours or as long as multiple days. Connect with us here if you require more information before hiring the skips! Is it possible to put all forms of wastage in a single skip? You can put any waste you like in your skip, as long as it is not risky. We recycle the waste at a far area. We legally discard non-recyclable waste at a dumping ground.

At what rate I can find a skip? It is dependent on the timeframe and the sizing of the skip. Our rates are as stated below: Mini (2 cubes) skip: R 700 Midi (6 cubes) skip: R 1500 Maxi (11 cubes) skip: R 2800 Can I determine which sizing of skip will be ideal for me? If your home utilizes 2 Venter trailers for household or lawn waste, a mini skip is what you require. A midi skip is 3X as that of a mini skip, and a maxi skip is ideal for building sites. We will happily analyze your waste elimination demands and recommend skip sizing: just complete the form here! What do you do after you collect the waste? We try to recycle most of the waste. The non-recyclable waste is taken to a registered dumping ground. We only utilize legitimate techniques of disposing of. Why should I find a skip rather than a truck or bakkie? Skip is way more affordable than truck or bakkie. You can save your time by avoiding the inconvenience of disposing of it outside instead, we will come and collect it.

Can I use a skip without any inconvenience? It is by far the simplest technique. Putting your junk inside the skip calls for little initiative and you don't need a ladder or other particular devices. All you need to do is put the waste inside and forget. We'll take care of the rest! Am I picking the right technique to dispose of the waste by picking a skip hire? By using your local municipal waste collection, you'll only be able to discard one roller each week. If there's more waste than one roller bin, you have to discard it by yourself. While a bakkie or truck will cost you more and is a troublesome waste removal technique. A skip hire can save you from inconvenience, wasting time, and money. Reach us now for a free of charge quote here!

Do you recycle the waste? By all means, we do! We make sure that recyclable materials only end up in the recycling location. And any other waste is taken to a registered landfill location for disposal. I need to discuss my waste removal needs - can you help? Yes, we can! Call us now or send us an SMS and we will suggest the best skip possible.

Bellville, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa 7530