Top 10 essential tips for your first motorbike trip

A motorbike road trip is an exciting experience. It can be very appealing to be in solitude with your own thoughts on an adventurous motorbike journey. If you are planning on setting off on a long-distance motorbike trip, it is handy to learn about a few practical tips make your experience more relaxing and enjoyable.

It’s vital to be equipped for your first solo motorcycle trip. Whether you bring your personal motorcycle or are preparing to hire one, take all basic features into account prior to setting out on the road. This can make the ride a more convenient and worry-free experience.


Here are the top 10 indispensable tips you shouldn’t miss:


1. Choose your ride wisely

If you are organising a road trip on your motorcycle, ensure it is comfortable. Naturally, you can always make a few adjustments to increase its comfort level. In the event that you are considering renting, make sure you select your ride sensibly.
Research thoroughly and select a motorcycle you can handle with ease. Bikes with a softer seat, unusual handlebar, bright headlights, and guards are more beneficial when you are going on an off-road tour. A ‘cool looking bike’ should not be the exclusive focus of attention for you. To have a smooth and successful trip is important.

2. Pack lightly

motorbike trip

One can locate an assortment of luggage carriers for motorbikes accessible nowadays. The most suitable ones are saddlebags, which can be quickly fixed on the sides or back seat of the motorcycle. Other excellent bag ideas involve tail-bags and tank bags, which combine magnets to hold your tank immediately.
As well as picking the appropriate bag, you must also determine your luggage very cautiously. When going on a motorcycle road trip you should always opt for packing lightly. Get disposables so you can discard it after use. Take sachets rather than bottles for most of the items. Avoid packing a lot of clothing too. Create a list and prioritize all the fundamental items before you are going to pack.

3. Dress Suitably

Particularly for motorcycle road trips, dressing appropriately is necessary. Always wear riding pants, a suitable t-shirt, ankle boots, a full-face helmet, and include a jacket you are comfortable with.
If you are anticipating a rough ride on two wheels, it’s beneficial to choose elbow and knee guards for extra protection. Wearing correctly fitted clothes is advised as baggy clothing can create discomfort for long-distance motorbike travelling. If you’re doing a dirt bike tour, here are 5 blunders you should avoid with your gear.

4. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Oftentimes, things like ‘hydration’ get less priority when contemplating all major aspects of a motorcycle excursion. It’s vital to be prepared for proper hydration while you are on the road. Hydration is imperative and if stopping for water disturbs your experience, think about investing in a hydration pack. The water container in a bag not only cools the water but also comes with a long tube that can be used for drinking water without stopping. Remaining hydrated is very crucial if you want to be on top of your game.

5. Take Sufficient Breaks

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You may require more rest when on a biking trip than you normally get. Sitting on a bike for lengthy periods of time without pause can create saddle sores. Recognize when your body and motorcycle are urging you to stop for rest.
Don’t go over the top with it as it will only prolong your journey and ultimately cause frustration. Utilize the break to recuperate and to examine if you require a refuel and if your motorcycle is in a good state. This will protect you from unforeseen challenging situations.

6. Don’t Misplace Your Map

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This is the ideal time to welcome technology and rely on GPS if you aren’t good at memorising roads. If you would like to take this a step up, consider purchasing a helmet with Bluetooth so that it can give you GPS directions with ease.
In the event you are touring to isolated regions with no network, taking the hardcopy of your maps can be especially valuable. It can at least grant you a good understanding of the area you are in. Also, requesting directions from locals is better than becoming lost.

7. Prepare For Unforeseen Weather

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Unlike a vehicle trip, one needs to be extra wary of weather conditions when going on a motorcycle excursion. It may begin raining surprisingly, or the temperature could be higher than usual. Ensure that you are equipped to handle it with success. Having raincoats and riding gear that can provide suitable cover for your luggage is an essential necessity.

8. Make Use Of Earplugs

Every now and again it can get notably noisy on the highway. Therefore, once you reach the main road, insert your earplugs on to avoid excessive pressure on your ears. As an option, you could even use headphones and play your preferred music to add to the enjoyment of your first solo motorbike road trip.

9. Eat At Off-Peak Times

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It’s most suitable to opt for eating at off-peak times, particularly on the highway. People ordinarily stop at conventional lunch and dinner times at restaurants on the way, which suggests dealing with long waiting intervals and crowds. If you rearrange your eating hours to unique times, you can bypass all that trouble. Eat well however it’s advised that you keep your stomach light while out on a motorbike trip.

10. Maintain Your Motivation

The most appealing element of a motorcycle road trip is when you begin savouring it to the core. That is when the adventure will become completely wonderful. Feeling exhausted, weak and frustrated can ruin the whole purpose. So, keep your enthusiasm no matter the surrounding circumstances.

Concluding Thoughts

To ensure your first motorcycle road trip is successful, send your motorbike to a professional mechanic for an expert checkup. Your bike might require a few tweaks prior to you setting out on your motorcycle tour adventure. Retain all the necessary spares to avoid difficult experiences on the road. Ordinarily, you will require a spare tube, brake cables, spark plugs, accelerator cables, etc.
Finally, you can also sign up for an established guided motorcycle tour that will plan everything in beforehand for you!

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