The World’s Finest Coffee Destinations

In search of the ultimate cup of coffee? Some people believe that life is too short to drink lousy coffee, thus we decided to compile a list of some of the world’s top coffee destinations:

1. Turkish Coffee

First, on our list of coffee destinations, you will love is Turkey. Turkish coffee is simply too strong for some people, but other travellers seem to enjoy their rich, black coffee. Coffee baristas roast and powder coffee beans in Istanbul. The beans are traditionally boiled in a cezve with water and sugar (pot). Expect a few powdery grains because the coffee is typically not sieved.

A Distinctive flavour of Turkey is Turkish coffee (Türk kahve).

2. French Coffee

Unquestionably, Paris is home to some of the world’s most appealing café coffee destinations. However, many people claim that the coffee in this city is over-brewed and cannot compete with that of the other greatest coffee cities in the world. But even drinking subpar coffee here is frequently worthwhile because of the incredible café culture.

A Distinctive flavour of France is French roast.

3. Italian Coffee

The first coffee shop in Italy was established in Venice’s Piazza San Marco in 1683, but it wasn’t until 1906 that its world-famous espresso became well-known. The people frequently have coffee outside while taking their regular siesta, which is a formality after every meal. Each location has its own distinctive take on the beverage—a cappuccino Viennese in Trentino has chocolate and cinnamon strewn throughout, while a coffee d’u parrinu in Sicily contains cocoa powder, cinnamon, and cloves.

A Distinctive flavour of Italy is Espresso.

4. Israeli Coffee

Tel Aviv’s bustling coffee shops offer a wide selection of coffees because they enjoy serving both iced coffee in the summer and hot coffee in the winter. Expect an extremely rich, dark, and powerful beverage.

A Distinctive flavour of Israel is Ice café.

5. Cuban Coffee.

Havana is known for its irresistible café culture, especially in the form of a café Cubano, which is basically an espresso shot infused with demerara sugar. It is delicious! The coffee is tiny, creamy, sweet and packed with caffeine. Definitely one for espresso lovers!

A Distinctive flavour of Cuba is Espresso.

6. Ethiopian Coffee

Addis Abeba makes coffee a ritual and is frequently described to as “the place where coffee was created.” Ethiopians are known to host visitors in their homes for a protracted coffee ritual. They enjoy using a traditional clay pot called a “jebena” to boil the coffee while simultaneously grinding and brewing the beans, sometimes for hours at a time. The wait is worthwhile!

A Distinctive flavour of Ethiopia is Macchiato.

7. Vietnamese Coffee.

Be ready for a bittersweet experience if you’ve never had Vietnamese coffee before. Your cup is filled with the harsh black coffee that has been filtered and sweetened with condensed milk or sugar syrup. The more soothing options are offered in contemporary coffee shops, like the foamy egg coffee with yoghurt served in a glass. Take a tour of Hanoi’s coffee shops with a guide, or travel further to Dalat’s original coffee estates.

A Distinctive flavour of Vietnam is Ca phe da or coconut coffee.

8. Costa Rican Coffee.

The chorreado is a particularly beautiful example of Costa Rica’s coffee culture. Fresh coffee grounds are filtered into a cup by hot water being passed over a fine-clock bag. Numerous coffee tours that take you through local communities, wildlife, and behind waterfalls are available if you’re up for an adventure.

A Distinctive flavour of Costa Rica is Café chorreado.


Those are our top eight coffee destinations that we recommend for coffee lovers from around the globe. Are you prepared to travel your favourite city’s coffee trail?

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