Prevent water damage caused by cold weather

It is well known that winter can bring chilling temperatures that can cause tremendous damages to peoples homes. As we have seen residential properties suffer the most from winter’s wrath. Dealing with water damage in a cold environment is the last thing anyone would want. To avoid this, it is advised to be aware of some of the most common water damage causes and the recommended ways to fix them when they happen.

1. Ice Dam Formation On The Roof

Ice dam formation is one of the most common problems in homes with a sloped roof. Forming easily when snow accumulates on the roof, ice dams can create a notable amount of water damage and may become a black mole damage problem if left untreated. Therefore is it crucial that you ensure that your attic remains consistently cool by keeping it aerated correctly prior to winter beginning.

2. Burst Pipes

Bursting pipes occurs as a result of pipes freezing during the winter season particularly if there is water remaining in hoses or pipes left outside of your home. Temperatures can plunge below freezing during colder months, causing residual water in the pipes to freeze. In order to prevent this, you should install pipe insulation, specifically to pipes exposed to the frigid cold in winter.

3. Snowmelt

Melting snow can unmistakably damage any property, particularly, homes possessing basements, crawlspaces or slab foundations. If a large quantity of snow is gathering up next to these foundations, it’s could create a large quantity of water once it melts and poses a flooding risk to your home. This can result in dreaded mould problems. Remember to control your gutter as water may freeze in it and destroy your gutter system.

4. Geyser Leakage

This is an enormous problem for countless homeowners. As temperatures drop, your geyser works twice as hard to be able to produce hot water for your bath or shower. Please make sure you regularly check your geyser in order to prevent it from bursts or leaks.

5. Overflowed Gutter

Another problem during winters is an overflowed gutter. It can cause a lot of damage Once the snow melts.

Prevent Water Damage Caused By Cold Weather

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