Finding the perfect plus size bra

Women of today have a very diverse selection of bras to choose. There are full bras, balconette bras, strapless bras, minimizer bras and more, in fact, the list seems almost endless! For younger women who are not as familiar with lingerie, it can be a confusing experience. The most significant thing to take into account is a woman’s breast shape, bra size and unquestionably what the bra is specifically required for.

Full Cup Bra

When it comes to ladies with a fuller bust, full coverage bras are an excellent option. These bras have cups that completely incorporate the entirety of each breast and provide wonderful and much-needed support to your fuller shape. As the entire breast is encapsulated by the bra, you don’t have to worry about any unpleasant mishaps that could occur with a tight ill-fitting bra.

For women who have struggled with keeping blouse buttons closed, a minimizer bra is your solution. It can minimize or lessen your bust size by up to several inches depending on the style of the minimizer bra worn.

Minimizer Bra

Plus size bras also commonly possess thicker shoulder straps and a wider band at the base. This will guarantee a more snug fit without digging into your shoulders.

For tighter clothes and tops with thin fabric, these bras are a reasonable choice, however, one should always take care when dressing in low cut tops. The edges of the bra may peep through causing an embarrassing moment.

Until moderately recently, lingerie purchasing for plus size women requiring full figure bras was not very impressive. The majority of bras created for large-breasted women were industrial-looking and designed purely for practical reasons without the style in mind.

Fortunately, there is now a surplus of choices offered for today’s curvaceous women. Bras now come in a huge variety of sizes to fit everyone, they also come in stunning colours and fabrics that range from lace to satin and much more. Ladies of all size are now able to easily find plus size bras and support garments that not only satisfy the required benefits but are also classic and comfortable to be in.

Plus Size Bras

Whether they are very expensive or economically produced, full bras do have a limited lifetime. The general life span of a plus-size bra is from six months to two years depending on how well they are treated. As your bra ages, the fabric stretches and provides less support. At that point, your bra will need to be discarded, as it will no longer give sufficient support to your breasts.

For women who are uncertain regarding which bras to purchase, it is suggested that you use a professional bra fitting service, offered at retailers like The Bra Guru. The qualified bra fitters are trained to measure their clients competently and to suggest the bra styles that would be best suited and complimentary for that particular client.

Because breast sizes change several times throughout a woman’s lifetime, it is a great solution to be measured by an experienced bra fitter periodically.

The Bra Guru

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