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Contact Information

The contact center industry is a truly massive provider of employment. But it isn’t even slightly close to reaching its potential as an employer.

Part of the problem is agent offshoring. This cost-saving exercise takes away huge numbers of local jobs – and it ends up costing companies more in the end. Because customers don’t like dealing with agents who don’t understand their culture.

Truly, contact center service providers are stuck in the past. We’re talking about software that actually works against contact centers. It also works against agents and customers. It’s the major thing holding this industry back from its beautiful potential.

But today we’ve got the power to change this. The cloud-based tech we have at our disposal can completely transform the industry.

That’s really why we started ZaiLab. We want to transform the industry.

And here we are.

10th Floor, Portside, 4 Bree Street, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8001