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Sage 200 Evolution ERP is a cost-effective ERP solution suitable for medium to large businesses. Kiteview Technologies provides Sage 200 Evolution software as well as support!

Kiteview was established in May 2010. The management side of Kiteview has +30 years of expertise in the articulation of small to mid-market Financial & Business Management solutions. This expertise, coupled with a reliable project implementation has assisted in Kiteview’s growth.

Their goal is to fulfil business enhancement to their clients by looking for innovative methods to boost productivity and decrease expenses, while balancing project cost and benefit, to confer higher than normal return-on-investments.

They call their core values the Kiteview DNA. Which is part of our DNA to afford service of the most distinguished calibre. By consistently innovating and developing. By being receptive to your requirements and expectations. By operating together with common regard and as a Sage 200 Evolution Partner for the long haul.

Sage 200 is designed with a fundamental Core which means that all elements and modules are fully harmonious and integrated. The add-on modules share a common interface which consequently gives a uniform user experience. Microsoft’s SQL Server database engine guarantees that the data integrity is in check consequently keeping all your data in one convenient section. Sage Evolution’s core characteristics are rich. The available add-on modules make it a positively exceptional ERP solution. However, due to its versatility, Sage Evolution can be configured or expanded on in order to provide for practically any industry demand.

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