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We firmly practice sound engineering principles, basing decisions on factual, repeatable and quantifiable data. We recognize that instruments and technology rely on people with the skills, knowledge and experience to interpret such data in order to predict and ultimately prevent machine failure. Yellotec stands proud in the belief of its founder that all failures are preventable.

In our mission to prevent failures we initially had to master, and seamlessly integrate information from different technologies having a bearing on the machine condition. This could only be done by creating a knowledge pool consisting of people who passionately strive to be the absolute best at what they do.

We can proudly say that we achieved this goal, and have assembled a team of people with core competencies that could possibly not be matched by any other Reliability Solutions Engineering company in the world.

At Yellotec we do not sell Products or Services nor Training, we sell VALUE and Value in our business is defined as FAILURE PREVENTION.

3 Taljaard Road, Bartlett, Boksburg, Gauteng, South Africa 1459