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"Starting out as a monitoring service, we learned very quickly which infrastructure management and moni­toring equipment worked best. We realised that boxes were simply being cobbled together without much attention to how well they worked with one another, what synergies could be enabled, or, simply, how good the equipment actually was. So, we began to source the best equipment available and then design and value engineer mechanical and electrical ecosystems.

As a result, we have evolved into the leading independ­ent provider of integrated solutions that encompass all relevant data centre products and services and those needed for energy management in any building.

This is why we are a preferred partner for both the major IT services companies and systems integrators and niche players in the ICT sector. They rely on us to package monitoring and protection solutions that will ensure the availability and uptime of the cutting edge solutions they implement for their clients. We are also a preferred partner in the green energy, facilities man­agement, healthcare, heavy industry, telecoms, and financial services sectors space."

Unit 29, Creation Park 2 Computer Road, Marconi Beam, Montague Gardens, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa 7441