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Lorem Group is a customer focused company who produce quality products and quality service. We are a manufacturer and installer of a wide variety of road safety equipment and traffic calming products and have a wide foot print throughout South Africa. If you are looking for reliable, quick service, we are the company for you. We supply and install 75mm rubber speed bumps, metal speed bumps and speed ramps. We are also leading suppliers of road studs, concrete bollards, plastic bollards, expanding barrier, waterfilled barriers, traffic cones, delineators - blades and bases, rubber parking stops, parking reservation locks an more.

Our team is always ready to assist you with any queries or concerns you may have. Lorem Group is also a leading installer of Speed Ramps, galvanized bumps and Rumble Strips in South Africa. We are also an installer of a wide range of other road safety products. Lorem Group is a leading supplier and installer of Road and public Safety Equipment in South Africa. Our products are designed to enhance the safety of road users and pedestrians. These products are also used to ensure that road users are informed, alerted or warned of potential dangers on the road. Lorem Group's Safety Products includes flexible plastic bollards which bends on impact and return to its initial position. Road Studs, Traffic Cones and Barriers. Road Studs are small reflective markers used on roads and highways. They provide a visible guide to drivers, Lorem Group have a wide variety of different types of road studs available, each designed to suit different types of road ways and environments. From traditional, cast-iron studs to modern LED-lit versions.

Traffic Calming Equipment - These different types of Calming products is specifically designed to address traffic-related issues in different environments, such as residential estates, schools, parking areas and other areas with heavy vehicular traffic. Examples of calming equipment include Speed Ramps and speed bumps, among others. Lorem Group is a leading installer of Speed Ramps and speed bumps in SA. The installation of speed calming products decrease the risk of accidents by slowing down drivers and encouraging safer driving behaviors. They are also excellent at reducing noise pollution, in addition to being aesthetically pleasing

Our extended range of Safety Products are: Concrete Bollards Traffic Cones Delineators Guard Rails Expanding Barriers Lorem Group is also a leading manufacturer and installers, in SA of: Parking Stops Parking Reservation Locks Wheel Clamps

Cape Town, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa