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Geysers Only Johannesburg

Geysers Only Johannesburg # 1 Burst Geyser Replacements * Kwikot, Franke, Heat Tech * Experienced Plumbers 24/7 Emergency Geyser Kwikot, Franke, Solar, Heat Tech 150L - 300L, And Regular Burst Geyser Replacement. * 24/7 Service * APPROVED BY INSURANCE - Call Us

24/7 Plumbers - Insurance Coverage Approved Emergency Geyser Replacements

Give us a call today to speak with your nearby Geyser Specialists agent. Experienced plumbers in Metro area including: Sandton, Randburg, Roodepoort, Midrand, East Rand

Fast same day geyser repairs and replacements Joburg Not able to use hot water due to a broken or leaking geyser? Get it upgraded as soon as possible.

No matter which company has offered you with geyser insurance, we can support. We make sure that you can get your insurance payment instantly. We at Geysers Only Johannesburg, are experts in replacing burst geysers of all brands and sizes.

Geysers Only Johannesburg Address: Workshop 1, 157 St Andrew Rd, Houghton Estate, Johannesburg City, 2192 087 250 2381 Website: Social Media: , Geysers Only Johannesburg - Plumber in . Geyser Only. Geyser Replacements, Geyser Repairs, Geyser Installations 24/7. Kwikot, Franke, Heat Tech. Insurance Replacements. Qualified Facebook YouTube Twitter

SANS Geyser Specifications At Geysers Only Johannesburg, you get quality geyser servicing and replacement services that are according to the SANS 10254 requirements.

Plumbing compliance SANS 10254 Setup, replacement and repair of hot water systems.

Geysers Only Johannesburg Services Geyser Repairs Geyser Installations Burst Geyser Plumbers Leaking Geyser Geyser Services Geyser Overflows Valves (pressure valves replacement and installation). Thermostat and element upgrade. Geyser Pressure valves installation. Electricians available for all electrical faults.

Types of Geysers

KWIKOT GEYSERS Kwikot is one of the most well-known geyser brands in South Africa out of all the others. They have an outstanding support team and offer affordable geysers. Residents of and Metro count on Kwikot 150L geysers. Every Kwikot electric water heater is developed with SANS 151 standards. Besides that, you are given either 2 or 5 years of guarantee with Kwikot water heaters.

Geysers Only Johannesburg offers and stocks 100lt, 150lt, 200lt, and 250 lt Kwikot Geysers.

HEAT TECH GEYSERS Heat Tech Trendline Geysers are also among the most sought after geysers in South Africa. Trendline is works with heat pump and solar panel settings.

• Proficient 2.0 or 3.0 kW heating power • Durable inner cylinder produced from 2 mm enamel quality steel • IPX4 rated against water splash • 5 year service warranty on inner cylinder

FRANKE GEYSERS Franke provides some of the most efficient electric geysers and other plumbing supplies in . Electric geysers by FRANKE are created according to the SANS 60335-2-21 safety guidelines.

- 12-month warranty on electrical parts - 5 year guarantee on the Franke Geyser inner cylinder - 24-month warranty on the valves

SOLAR GEYSERS We know that your home needs a perfect Solar Geyser system and that's why we have the best variety of solar geysers. The National Building Regulation for Energy Usage in Buildings requires that 50% (by volume) of the yearly average hot water requirements come from sources other than electric heating or nonrenewable fuel sources-- making solar much more viable option. It may seem that solar geysers cost much on installation but however, you don't need to pay massive electricity costs in the seasons to come.

Burst Geyser? Warning symptoms that your geyser is giving complications Running out of Warm Water This is the most common issue of a geyser. Most water heaters are 150L-- 200L in size which is a lot of warm water but over time mineral deposits build-up around the heating element, less and less heat reaches the water and the warm water supply decreases. It can lead to the leakage or replacement of the heating element.

Noisy Geyser If you discover any noise in your geyser such as popping or banging, then you need immediate assistance. This is also due to the same reason and that is mineral deposits. When the water heater tries to heat the water and mineral deposits prevent it from heating, high-temperature causes extreme sounds in the tank. It causes the failure and leakage in the tank.

Cloudy or Warm water that smells If you see a strange smell and cloudy water, chances are your geyser needs to be repaired or replaced.

Rusting and Leaking geyser or valves and fittings Rusting occurs due to the steel your geyser is made of. An anode rod is present in the geyser to protect it from corrosion but due to wear and tear, it will corrode. This is when the tank body and its connections will be impacted because of corrosion and start to leak.

Damaged Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve (TP Valve). A temperature and pressure relief valve is present in every geyser as well as a safety relief valve that helps to release the pressure. In case of a damaged or capped off safety valve, the geyser can also blast. In case of any fault or failure in any of these three valves, reach out to an expert instantly.

Leaking water from your Geyser. Make sure to find out and correct a leaking geyser right away before it leads to significant injury to your home. If not upgraded on time, a leaking geyser can even flood your house.

Workshop 1, 157 St Andrew Rd, Houghton Estate, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa 2192