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Contact Information

Whether you need residential or commercial at SA Royal Rubble Removal Pretoria East, we are your go-to rubble removal company based in Pretoria East. Our comprehensive professional services offer a solution to all of your refuse Removal Pretoria East needs. SA Royal Rubble Removal we offer affordable, custom refuse removal services all throughout Pretoria. Our team go above and beyond to cater to our clients. We give assurance, sound advice and concrete guarantees for the best waste management service, plant hire, skip hire, demolition and tree felling services in Pretoria East, Centurion and surrounding areas.

Why Choose Our Service?

Rubble carrier license: We hold the relevant license required to handle any type of rubble and we have accounts with several local Pretoria East and Johannesburg waste management centres so you can rest assured that we stick to all the necessary legal and environmental requirements.

Honest & fair pricing: If you send us some pictures of your debris via email or Whatsapp we’ll give you a rough estimate price based on the size of the job. Nevertheless, we don’t take payment upfront but after the job is done and all the waste is removed.

SA Royal Rubble: Removal Pretoria East is the largest on-demand rubbish clearance company in Pretoria, Centurion, and Mamelodi. With our own professional team, we have vehicles across Pretoria East and Johannesburg. Whatever type of rubble your business or company produces, and however much there is, we can usually assist to remove it with our same-day on-demand service.

How Much Will It Cost?

With SA Royal Rubble Pretoria east each rubble removal project is different, as the amount and effort to remove needs to be considered. Also, our Pretoria east rubbish removal and waste clearance prices differ depending on where your place location in Pretoria and the amount and type of rubbish you have that needs to be removed from your home.


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