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Pro Electric Fencing Richards Bay Empangeni

Looking for a certified electric fencing installer? Call Pro Electric Fencing Richards Bay Empangeni today. Here at Pro Electric Fencing Richards Bay Empangeni, we are able to give you a COC (Certificate of Compliance) to repair and even install your electric fence. Our years of experience can give you the confidence that we will provide you with the ideal type and size electric fence that will stay secure and last for many years.

Pro Electric Fencing Richards Bay Empangeni Address: Haiti Park, Richardsbay, 3900 087 250 2269 Website: Social Media:

Pro Electric Fencing Richards Bay Empangeni - Fence contractor in Richards Bay Empangeni. Pro Electric Fencing consists of a team of experts that is always here to handle emergency electric fence repair work and new installation in Randburg, Sandton, Midrand, Roodepoort, East Rand, Pretoria, Centurion and Johannesburg. Member of Local Pros

A warranty is provided with every installation in order for you to have peace of mind. We supply products from big brands, namely Nemtek and also Stafix. We have chosen these suppliers to guarantee our customers get the absolute best quality products that will guarantee a safe, liveable property with the most sophisticated and secure security system. Pro Electric Fencing Richards Bay Empangeni not only offers electric fence installations but repairs existing fences of all sizes as well. Call us now for economical, sophisticated electric fencing. Our team is constantly active in and around Richards Bay Empangeni.

FULL RANGE OF ELECTRIC FENCING SERVICES Full Selection of Electric Fencing Services ------ At Pro Electric Fencing Richards Bay Empangeni, we serve the Richards Bay Empangeni area with a comprehensive selection of services and different items to offer you proper infrastructure security. Below are a few of our services and item offerings:

- Electric fencing installation for household as well as commercial use. - A range of strandlines consist of 4, 6, 8 and even higher. - Electric fencing repair services and upkeep. - We supply goods providing for all your electric fencing requirements. - Electric fencing for palisade, block and brick walls. - Stand alone/ Freestanding electric fence walls and perimeter protection. - Electric fencing on Gates. - Connecting to an existing alarm, armed response and security systems.


We have good relationships with all the leading brands and suppliers such as Nemtek and Stafix. We have all you will need for both installations and repairs of your electric fencing. Call Pro Electric Fencing Richards Bay Empangeni right away for our current prices of electric fence products.

- We supply energizers. - Add- ons for your electric fence. - 12v Batteries. - Insulators for electric fences. - A variety of electric fencing accessories. - Mounting brackets. - Fencing wires and cables.

PROTECTION FROM PROPERTY INVASION Protection From Building Invasion Stop wall jumpers. Electric fencing stops criminals before they can try to get into your house. Want to stop opportunistic trespassers? With an electric fence and alarm system, this will definitely do the trick. With a secure electric fence, you can sleep rest assured that you and your loved ones are protected.

Protection from animal damages. Farms and smallholdings are especially susceptible to unwanted animals as well as criminals entering your house, an electric fence will create a barrier for this. In order to protect against an intrusion, you will need to install preventatives to stop unwanted animals from entering your building. Straying livestock will not be a problem with an electric fence.


Commercial properties are often a target for robbery. But there is no need to worry, at Pro Electric Fencing Richards Bay Empangeni we make your properties protection our responsibility, we will provide complete protection for your peace of mind. The commercial systems we provide will help prevent unwanted intruders from entering your place of work. Apart from all this, we are also cost-effective. We don't charge anything for the first call-outs and determine the most effective solution after the inspection of your workplace building. If you need robust security for your infrastructure, your search ends here! Because we also offer electrical fencing for large scale barrier protection.


Regulation regarding electric fence installations has made it compulsory for every installer to be in ownership of a COC certificate. As a Richards Bay Empangeni based installer, we are required to offer a COC. The COC ensures that any electric fence installed on your property is free of any problems.

Pro Electric Fencing Richards Bay Empangeni supplies a COC for the following services:

- Electric fence installation as well as repair for commercial properties. - Electric fence repair and installation for agricultural needs. Household Electric Fence Installation & Repair.



When comparing an electric and conventional fence, the electric fence is clearly the better, safer alternative. Electric fences carry a variety of benefits for you and your property. Below are a few of the benefits you will experience by having an electric fence: 1. Used on an existing fence- Pro Electric Fencing Richards Bay Empangeni is able to install your new electric fence onto an existing wall or fence, as a result, the fee to install an electrical security system will be much less than you would have ever anticipated. 2. The electric fence creates an intimidating barrier for the intruder, which is very important for protecting your house and loved ones. 3. A durable security system- This is the most durable security system you will find, it will last for years without having to see to rust or maintenance. 4. Fewer maintenance costs-- It requires a whole lot of money to repair another security system. But electric fencing requires less money for routine maintenance and repair. 5. Building a higher wall will cost you more per square metre than electric fencing. 6. Easy to operate-- The electric fencing is extremely easy to operate. Which is helpful for someone who needs security in his home or office. You can arm and disarm remotely using your remote control or an app on your phone.


Contact us now, we will give you a free estimate on installing or repairing your electric fence, we are in your area! We are in and around Richards Bay Empangeni available to provide you with long-lasting, quality security installations for residential as well as commercial properties.

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