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We provide a wide range of tree felling services. We offer Tree Removal & Tree Cutting, Tree Trimming & Pruning, Stump grinding & removal, Garden Refuse Removal, Storm Damage & Cleanup. We provide professional tree felling throughout Johannesburg. We offer an affordable tree Felling service.

Professional Tree Felling And Tree Cutting Services Johannesburg Tree Felling Johannesburg

Tree Felling is the process of cutting a tree down entirely. If you’re considering tree removal, you might be tempted to perform the job yourself. It’s easier and safer to employ a professional, experienced in Johannesburg tree felling, to do the job for you.  Our company will take care of your tree felling needs from the beginning to the end of the process. 

The reason you want to get a tree felled.

It's causing a dangerous hazard and could fall and harm somebody at any moment. In an awkward position. The tree is diseased and needs to be removed. The roots are damaging your foundation. Obstructing your garden Tree Cutting Johannesburg

It's possible that you don’t need a tree felled but rather need some branches cut and removed. Maybe the branches are obstructing your view. Often trees get damaging in Johannesburg’s heavy storms and broken branches need to be cut and removed to make the area safe again.

Tree Trimming & Pruning

Are there any trees that seem to be growing out of control on your property in Johannesburg? We Provide a professional Tree Trimming and Pruning Service to solve all this for you. Your trees and shrubs will look impeccable in no time with our service.

Tree pruning ensures that your trees stay beautiful and healthy for as long as possible. Most people do not realize the importance of tree pruning, as it does not seem to be a big issue at the present. Many people will trim their own trees thinking that it is not something they needed to pay for; however, they soon discover that it is not as easy as they anticipated and end up damaging their trees or even worse accidentally cutting off branches or even harming themself or somebody else. With the larger trees,  both tree trimming and pruning are best left to train professionals. 

Tree trimming services we offer

We trim pine trees, oaks, willows, bougainvillaea, hedge trimming and virtually any type of tree that you can bring our way for removal. Do you need a pine tree trimmed because it is making your backyard look like a jungle and posing a threat to your property and loved ones? Our pro tree felling team removes trees while also cleaning up your site and being certain that you are not left with a mess.  

Tree Stump Removal Johannesburg

Old tree stumps on properties in Johannesburg are ill-looking and take up space as well as deterring from the looks of your property. Clients in the greater Johannesburg area can rely on us for all their tree stump removal. We guarantee professional service to all your tree stump removal needs. To carry out this task, our team will travel to the site of extraction. They use heavy machinery to make sure that the process is swift and effortless. Our superior service includes felling, stripping, digging up, grinding and mulching.  

Tree Storm Damage and Cleanup Service

When an old tree becomes weak and can no longer stand vertically on its own, wind and other natural calamities like storms and cyclones may be troublesome by throwing branches of trees over your home damaging windows and roofs. We are here to cut felled trees 

Hire a professional for tree felling to get rid of any potential risk related to imprudent tree removal like root removal, windthrow and/or having your entire property destroyed.

Garden Refuse Removal

After your trees have been felled you may require a garden refuse removal service. We specialize in providing garden Refuse Removal, rubbish clearance services to both residential and businesses properties. Our teams of friendly and professional removal specialists clear away the unwanted refuse from, gardens, garages, attics and cellars, offices and stores, garden and patios, and domestic and commercial properties.  

Your unwanted domestic and commercial rubbish is dealt with in a responsible and environmentally sensitive manner by our disposal partners.  

With years of experience in the industry we have learnt what makes for happy customers when it comes to garden refuse removal. Your domestic or business rubbish will be removed in no time with only the most experienced refuse disposal technicians doing your job.  

So if you require garden refuse removed such as wood and branches or domestic clearance such as furniture removal or goods removal then call us today. Our customers love our work and we can provide clearance services to pretty much any location including houses, flats, rental properties, rented holiday homes and parks. We even offer garage clearance services which can come in handy during large clear out jobs. So for all of your refuse removal needs in Johannesburg contact us today! 

Palm Tree Leaf Removal and Care

As palm trees grow, they shed their leaves to make space for new leaves. After some time the dead Leaves will fall to the ground naturally throughout the year. To maintain the appearance of your palm trees many people like to manually remove the leaves before they fall naturally but as the palms grow tall it becomes much harder to do. Removing palm leaves from tall trees can be become dangerous for you to do yourself and is better left to the experts. 

 Palm tree leaves can play havoc with power lines so it is important to be removed regularly by experts like Plant Care services. If they are not picked up regularly it can cause short circuits and other electrical problems or even mess up your lawnmower when you roll over them.  

Emergency Tree Felling

Tree Felling is often used when trees are dead, diseased or dangerous, but there are times when felling can be used to benefit both people and nature.  

Tree Felling Services provide an efficient and professional emergency tree felling service. Do you have a dangerous or dead tree on your property? Have you noticed the top leaning of this said tree? Is it becoming more brittle by the day; or; is it still green but decaying at the base? Well, whatever the case may be, Tree Felling Service has an answer to your problem! 

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