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The Combustion Group offers High-Quality Maintenance for Burning Equipment. The key to reliable burning equipment is having timely maintenance on your burning equipment machinery.

The Combustion Group stocks the spare parts, field services, commissioning, inspection as well as maintenance services for your burning equipment. Dedicated and Specialised Engineers Improving Reliability. We specialise in improving the efficiency, reliability, sustainability and safety of your burning equipment.

With a commitment to keeping your combustion (burning) system operating at its peak performance, and on standby with parts on hand. Timely Replacement of Critical Parts. Burner equipment remains efficient and reliable when you have the critical parts replaced in time. The Combustion group will supply and maintain the components for our burning systems swiftly and with the best engineering practices.

No matter how specific your needs and requirements are, we provide you with customised combustion services and solutions. Safety, reliability, efficiency and sustainability are critical when it comes to burning systems. Specialised in burning equipment upgrades, retrofits, turnarounds and feasibility studies.

Other Features:

No dependence on one single fuel type Turbine fuel system designed according to fuel to be used The same unit can operate with gas or liquid fuel Automatic transfer from gas to liquid fuel during operation Automatic transfer from liquid to gas fuel during operation

With 17 qualified engineers and technicians on board, you can trust our expertise in the design, manufacture, installation and commission of the most efficient combustion solutions and thermal process plant for your business and application.

You can count on fast and responsible times and excellent delivery times of critical parts from The Combustion group. Get Customised Solutions and Services from The Combustion Group today.

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28 Mopedi St, Sebenza, Edenvale, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa 1610