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Contact Information

Rubble Removal Pros Benoni Providing rubble removal throughout CITY About rubble removal CITY We take pleasure in offering safe and budget-friendly rubble removal while adhering to all safety procedures, we service CITY and neighbouring areas. Getting rid of rubble from your home is not only challenging but can also be dangerous- getting rid of larger items will require tools that you may not have Get in touch with us today! Our team is all set to get rid of your rubble.


Why go for Rubble Removal Pros Benoni for your Rubble Removal?

Rubble Removal Pros Benoni not only provide you with great service but we also have several benefits to offer:

1. No additional mess 2. Very same day, reputable service, no waiting period 3. Professional, highly-skilled rubble removal team 4.100% FREE, no-obligation quotes for your rubble removal


Built-up rubbish and rubble can cause health concerns for you and your family- Do not wait, get in touch with COMPANY now!

Our Professional services

We provide the following services to CITY and surrounding areas. Clearing away all rubble and waste from your house is our top priority, with the exception of hazardous waste items. Included in these items are paints and solvents, pesticides, batteries, food waste and automotive waste.

General Waste Removal

Piled up waste can make your residential property look unkempt and unattractive, do you need waste gotten rid of from your property in CITY? Let Rubble Removal Pros Benoni remove your rubble or waste to ensure your home looks neat once more!

Contact Us Rubble Removal Pros Benoni for a price estimate right now!

Building Rubble Removal

Refurbishing your home can create rubble to gather, causing a health concern. COMPANY takes pride in not only reliable service but also reliable rubble removal. Regardless of the type of rubble, sand, bricks, concrete, metal or wood, we will eliminate any excess rubble in CITY and surrounding areas.

Household Scrap Removal

We often underestimate how much household scrap we have, this is particularly a problem when your local municipality only collects your waste once a week, causing a huge heap of rubbish on your property. Telephone COMPANY today to manage all your household rubbish and rubble. We remove everything from chairs to geysers and all things in-between.

Yard and Tree Removal

We will definitely also clear away any garden refuse from your property. Our company guarantee that leaves, twigs, branches, manure, debris and any other variety of floor refuse is taken away, helping you to keep your garden and home well-kept.

Removal of Big Trees as well as Branches

Deciding to keep your yard neat and trimmed will involve a few trips to the dump. Rubble Removal Pros has a group of professionals ready to help you remove big trees and branches from your garden. Our team at Rubble Removal Pros are geared up with the correct machinery and skills to help you with the tree fell and trimming.

The hiring of a Skip

Has your waste become excessive for the local municipality?

We will drop it at your residence, all you need to do is fill it, we will collect it once filled. Get in touch with us today for a free quote on a skip suitable for you.

Rubble Removal CITY

Getting rid of rubble in CITY from an office, home or construction site is our speciality at Rubble Removal Pros Benoni. All you need to do is fill in the online form for a price estimate or alternatively contact us to talk about your rubble removal needs.

The cost of rubble removal

When estimating the cost of rubble removal we need to take into consideration how much rubble needs to be removed and the effort it takes to remove that rubble.

When requesting a quote please provide the following information:

1. The amount of rubble you need to be removed 2. The location of the removal site 3. The items that you need to be removed

These three points are important as they will affect the cost of the rubble removal project. The size of the items you need to be removed, your location and the amount of rubble will affect the time it will take to remove the waste.

Exactly where will the Waste and Rubble be Thrown away?

We take pride in the fact that we responsibly throw away all rubble and waste at municipal dumping grounds. COMPANY will never dispose of waste in residential areas or locations prohibited from throwing away rubble and waste.

FAQ Have a question regarding our rubble removal services?

What is Rubble? Any type of things that are unusable, for instance, damaged appliances, or waste piled up because of renovations, building projects or garden repair and maintenance, to name a few.

What size rubble do you remove? COMPANY are specialised in removing any size rubble from your home, we work according to cubic meters per ton of waste for items such as sand and bricks.

Clearing away appliances and garden waste of any size is a service our company offers at Rubble Removal Pros.

Do you take away rubble from residential properties only? No, we get rid of waste from any residential or commercial property, business, home or building and construction site.

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