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COMPANY - Full-service air conditioning company Don't undergo one more winter season or summer season without feeling relaxed. Ensure that you feel cozy in your house or office every single time. We provide professional aircon installation and maintenance services. - All major brands - Existing ac system upgrades - Aircon restorations - Quick ac repairing

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Airconditioner Installers Our firm offers the best aircon for your office or home. Get help opting for an aircon unit that can help you pick an aircon that looks wonderful and makes no noise while working. We are there for all your ac installation needs whether you need an aircon for your room or an entire home. You have many options ranging from the very basic to the aircon that provides cooling for a large space. Simply complete the online form or give us a call to discover what is the most reliable option for your office or home.

Aircon Services Invest in a regular ac service because: - Keep it working as a new aircon - Prevents it from using too much electricity - Prevents dust and dirt from ac ducts - Detects issues before they become too serious and costly to fix The ideal time to restore a residential ac is 6 to 12 months and for commercial units, it is 3 to 6 months. Don't try and service your air conditioning system yourself as you may harm the delicate parts. Talk to an air conditioner service specialist by calling us today or get a free quote by completing the online form.


Air Conditioner Repairs Is your ac making sounds or not working properly? Take fast action now to get rid of any problem in your aircon to prevent further harm. - Ac compressor repairing - Gas refill - Ac remote control and other parts - Aircon electrical connection repairing - Airconditioner sensor issues - Ac drainage repair

If you need same day ac repairs, call us.

Air Conditioner Brands Select from a series of South African leading air conditioning brands and suppliers: Samsung, Medea, Toshiba, Daikin, LG, Alliance, York, Jet-Air, Aux, Goldair And much more …

Commercial AC Installations|Industrial Air Conditioner Installations} High room temp distracts everyone from work. Install an ac system in your office space or factory to keep your workers engaged in the work. Energy-saving and eco-friendly air conditioning systems for shops, office spaces, and other large spaces. Contact us to get a free inspection and detailed criteria for your commercial space.

Licenses & Guarantees You will get a manufacturer's guarantee with every item we provide or install. Don't avoid the service to keep your guarantee.


How to pick the dimension of the aircon? You can opt for an aircon installation that fits the whole residence or certain rooms. The size of the air conditioner depends upon the space to be served. If you have one small and another large room, you may need ac units of 12,000 and 24,000 BTU respectively. If you have any doubt, just let us know the dimension of your room and we will suggest the right ac for your room.

What is the exact cost to install an aircon? The cost of air conditioners depends on the area you need to protect and the brand you choose. You can buy a basic ac at R5000 and be ready to pay a bit more for advanced attributes.

What is the guarantee? The ac installation warranty is valid from 2 to 5 years. It covers any repairing, damage, and replacement. If you recognize any failure in general components, feel free to get them substituted for under 12 months.

What if my electricity bill hikes? No, this is not true. As a matter of fact, an energy-efficient aircon will not cause much increase in your electricity bills.

{Don't aircon units make a lot of noise?|Is it correct that an aircon makes too much noise?|How much noise does the aircon produce?|I've heard that aircons make a lot of noise, how correct is this?|I want a soundless aircon but I am concerned that it will make a lot of noise, what do you advise? No, the latest technology is completely noiseless. It will work soundlessly while you sleep or watch tv with your family.

Should I really opt for an aircon? Yes, it is a wise decision to do so. You will be able to work without any trouble in the summer seasons. You can take advantage of the ac in winter too. In short, it converts your residence into a comfortable one.

Will it stand out among the decor of my home? Don't be stressed as your aircon will fully merge with your room and look as attractive as it should be. You won't even recognize your air-con unit.

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