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GP Awnings

Canopy, Carport and Pergola manufacturers Johannesburg

We do free statements and establishments all through the Johannesburg Metro regions

Browse a wide scope of overhang and garage styles and materials

Dependable top notch materials with guarantee

GP Awnings

Address: 70 fifth St, Linden, Randburg, Johannesburg Metro, 2104

087 250 0794


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Canopy provider in Johannesburg Metro.

Collapsing Arm Awnings

Collapsing canopies are thought for porches and any region you need to broaden conceal in the bright months. At the point when not needed, the arms withdraw the texture back onto the roller and far removed. Accessible as standard, Semi Cassette or Full Cassette which covers the system inside head-box when withdrawn.

Decks, overhangs, pool regions, and outside café regions.

Prevent your window ornaments and furniture from getting sun harmed

Decrease the temperature inside

Fixed Awnings

Shield your windows and entryways from direct downpour and daylight. Our decent canopies arrive in a scope of sizes and styles. They don't chip or break.

Shield your wooden entryways and windows from the climate

Prevent your drapes and furniture from getting sun harmed

Diminish the temperature inside

Louver Awnings (Fixed and Adjustable)

Louver Awnings let you have both shade and daylight. In the event that you pick the customizable variant you can decide to close them for additional insurance. Produced using aluminum they are durable and consistently look great.

Adapt to most extreme shade or light

Incredible for open air porches and overhang's

Looks astonishing and enhances your home or office

Polycarbonate Patios and Awnings

Get assurance from the downpour and brutal UV beams of the sun. This is an extraordinary alternative to permit more warmth and light to come through while giving an ensured region to your porch and outside regions.

Assurance from downpour and UV beams

Get smartest possible solution, assurance and daylight

Retractable Pergola Roofs

Withdraw the canopy cover back to partake in your delightful view or to look up at the sky above then close them again when you need assurance from sun or downpour.

Partake in the adaptability to withdraw back when wanted

Retractable Opening Roofs

Building plan and wrapping up

Introduce into existing or uniquely crafted spaces

Strong Structure Carports

Get security for your vehicle or porch regions. A strong design parking space and canopy is a reasonable arrangement. Produced using either IRB Color Bond sheeting or aluminum. Browse either standard, twofold or custom size parking space.

Single, Double and custom parking space sizes

Custom styles to accommodate your home or foundation

Get your statement from the Johannesburg group

At GP Carports and Awnings we have experts in Johannesburgassist you with your entryway engine establishments and fixes. In case you are trapped, need a far off modified or need a statement for another establishment. We administration both home and business clients. Call us and we can get out inside a little while in case you are in the accompanying regions:







Kempton Park




70 5th St, Linden, Randburg, Randburg, Gauteng, South Africa 2104