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Paving Pros Durban

Paving Expert Durban Are you trying to remodel your outdoor? How about you let us handle all your paving needs. If you need a trusted team of paving specialists in Durban, then we are the pros you're seeking. Now you can go for a thorough restoration of your property because our team has got your back. Our team has dealt with paving projects for schools, markets, shopping malls, churches, hospitals, houses, and more. Call us today to discover how paving can be the best option to enhance your outdoor area.

Paving Pros Durban Address: 3 Abrey Rd, Durban, 3640 087 250 2155 Website: Social Media:

Paving contractor in Durban. Looking to transform your outdoor area? Paving Pros provides the highest quality residential and commercial paving services: Patio, Paving and Pool Area Paving, Driveway Paving, Entrance and, Walkway Paving, Commercial and Industrial Paving and Paving Cleaning.

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Our Services Our paving services cover every form of property whether it is domestic or commercial.

Patio Paving and Pool Area Paving Thinking of a particular sort of patio or pool paving? We can make it happen for you. Are you bored with the looks of your pool or patio area? We have the contractors and services that will unfold your plans. You can rely on our experience in handling even the most difficult projects. We are the best paving contractors you've ever teamed up with.

Driveway Paving Do you feel annoyed by the way your driveway looks? If yes, then let us know and we will arrange a custom paving solution for you. After the paving is set up properly, you'll be surprised how your exterior is complementing the inside of your home.

Entryway and Walkway Paving Give your entrance/walkway a make over by installing new paving. Forget what you see in magazines because now you can choose any paving colour or design to beautify your entrance. We will help you decide what you should go for after looking at the space that you need paving for. Paving executed by our pros will revamp your space and keep it beautiful for years.

Commercial and Industrial Paving They say the first impression means everything. If you want to seem reliable in the eyes of your clients ensure that your commercial building looks great. Everything depends on the looks. Your commercial building should look beautiful if you want to impact the consumers. We provide paving services for every single sort of commercial building. Whether your business is a small shop or a huge shopping center, we got you covered.

Paving Cleaning Paving washing should be done by a professional that has specialized equipment. Searching for professional-grade paving washing? Call us now!


Forms of Paving blocks We provide paving installations for

Residential Driveways and Paving First impressions are essential and when someone comes to your house your driveway is the initial thing they see. If you have a slightly high budget then you can go for clay pavers otherwise, cobble or bevel edge pavers are perfect for your driveway. If you still have any inquiries, we are there to help you choose the best one for your driveway.

Flagstone Paving Excellent for pool and patio areas. Experiment with as many shades, textures, and sizes as you want so you can achieve the desired look of your outdoor space.

Commercial Paving Always choose SABS approved pavers that are built with durable material. Therefore, such sturdy pavers are best for massive loads. You can choose any kind of design, colour, and shape to enhance your commercial unit.

Retaining walls and blocks Retainer walls not only enhance the look of the building but they are very useful as well. Retaining walls and blocks help to retain the soil in a property.

Wall Cladding Wall cladding enhances the way your home looks by using cast cladding installed on your walls.


- What is the best technique to get a quote for your paving project? You can fill the online form to connect with the most relied on paving specialist in Durban or you can also connect with us through calling. - Does your team offer paving repair services? Paving can endure many years but it may require repair if external factors, for instance, the weather is affecting it. Your paving can become dirty if you use it everyday therefore, a cleanup solution is required. For these reasons, we provide comprehensive repair services to keep your property looking presentable throughout. - Why should you go with us? Wondering what sets us apart from other paving firms? Our pros are experienced Our contractors are skilled and have access to modern paving tools Our prices are economical We source the highest quality resources and supplies straight from the suppliers Our services cover 100% satisfaction guarantee

Get In Touch When it comes to paving there shouldn't be room for compromise. We are here to offer you the best. Need a fast and a free quote? Call us!

3 Abrey Rd, Durban, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa 3640