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Contact Information

Rubble Removal Pros Centurion Providing rubble removal throughout Centurion About rubble removal Centurion Rubble Removal Pros Centurion take pride in supplying safe and economical rubble removal while adhering to all safety procedures, we service Centurion and neighboring areas. Removing your own rubble could be challenging- having the correct rubble removal tools is vital. Call us now! Our team is prepared to remove your rubble.

Rubble Removal Pros Centurion Address: 49 Union St, Lyttelton Manor, Centurion, 0157 087 250 3298 Website: Social Media:

Waste management service in Centurion. Hire a rubble removal team that is experienced in the removal of all types of waste and rubble. Rubble Removal Pros will remove junk and general waste, building rubble, household junk, garden and tree refuse, tree removal as well as skip hire.

Reasons you should opt for Rubble Removal Pros Centurion

Rubble Removal Pros Centurion not only provide you with very good service but we also have several benefits to offer:

1. Professional, highly- skilled rubble removal team 2. No additional mess 3.100% FREE OF CHARGE, no-obligation quotes for your rubble removal 4. Very same day, dependable service, no waiting period


When it comes to eliminating your trash and debris do not be reluctant, it can become a danger- Connect with Rubble Removal Pros Centurion asap.

We offer the following services

Rubble Removal Pros Centurion supply the following services to Centurion and surrounding areas. Eliminating all rubble and waste from your residence is our top priority, with the exception of hazardous waste items. These include items like Paints and solvents, food waste, pesticides, batteries and automotive waste.

General Waste Removal

Do you live in Centurion and need general rubbish removed from your property to restore its neat look? Call Rubble Removal Pros Centurion to get rid of your waste and restore your home to its neat look once more.

Get an obligation free quote right now!

Building Rubble Removal

Building can be demanding enough without having to trouble yourself with rubble removal as well. Safe and professional rubble removal is a priority for Rubble Removal Pros Centurion. No matter of the kind of rubble, sand, bricks, concrete, metal or wood, Rubble Removal Pros Centurion will get rid of any excess rubble in Centurion and surrounding areas.

Removal of Household Trash

Household scrap can very quickly pile up causing your home to look disorganized, this becomes an even bigger problem when you must keep this clutter for weeks due to the fact that your local municipality only makes a rubbish collection trip once a week. Phone us at Rubble Removal Pros Centurion to deal with all your household clutter, no need to wait for the municipality. We will remove it all in one day. Our team of professionals can get rid of any household junk from chairs to geysers.

Yard and Tree Removal

Rubble Removal Pros Centurion will also remove any garden refuse from your home. Rubble Removal Pros Centurion will guarantee that any unwanted garden refuse like sticks, leaves, trash and manure are cleared away leaving your property looking neat.

Tree and Branch Removal

Anyone that has decided to do their garden will certainly know that this requires a couple of trips to your local dump. Leave the large trees to the professionals, get in touch with us today! Our team will certainly remove the trees and branches for you. Our team at Rubble Removal Pros Centurion are equipped with the correct machinery and skills to help you with tree fell and trimming.

Skip Rental unit

Has your waste become too much for the local municipality?

Hiring a skip from Rubble Removal Pros Centurion is simpler than you think, we drop it off and collect it once full. Connect with us today for a free quote on a skip suitable for you.

Rubble Removal Pros Centurion Centurion Centurion

Our team are trained in removing rubble in Centurion from offices, homes and construction sites. All you have to do is fill in the online form for a price estimate or on the other hand call us to discuss your rubble removal needs.

How Much Will Rubble Removal Cost?

Every rubble removal project is different, this is why when working out cost we need to consider the amount of rubble to be removed.

You will be required to provide the following information when requesting a quote:

1.The amount of rubble you need removed 2.The location of the removal site 3.The items that you need to be removed

The above three points are important as they will affect pricing. Your location, the size of the items and the amount of rubble will affect the cost of the rubble removal project.

The Disposing of the Waste and Rubble.

Rubble Removal Pros Centurion take pride in the fact that we properly dispose of all rubble and waste at municipal dumping grounds. Our teams of specialists at Rubble Removal Pros Centurion will never dispose of waste or rubble in residential areas or restricted locations.

FAQ Have a question regarding our rubble removal services?

What is Rubble? Any type of items that are of no use, such as broken appliances, or waste accumulated due to renovations, building work or garden maintenance, to name a few.

The Size of Rubble we Get rid of Our company work according to cubic meters per ton for rubbish for example, sand and bricks etc. There are 1.133 Cubic Meters in 1 ton depending on the kind of material.

Rubble Removal Pros Centurion also clear away any amount or size of garden waste and household appliances and furniture.

Do you remove rubble from residential properties only? Absolutely not, we also offer removals for waste at homes, companies, and demolition and building and construction sites.

49 Union Avenue, Lyttelton Manor, Centurion, 0157, South Africa, Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa