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TTT CRANES. Crane specialists, training, trading and testing of lifting equipment. Load Testing & Certification of cranes and lifting equipment. Manufacture & Installation lifting beams, cranes, and small engineering projects. Supply, Installation, Certification & Inspection of life Lines and Aluminium scaffolding.

TTT Cranes was founded in 2015 in reply to a growing need for skilled maintenance on construction plants. Our core competency is servicing the lifting industry, but we also assist our clients with any plant related issues.

Safety and productivity are a couple of your biggest priorities at work. But if you have faulty, unreliable lifting equipment, those priorities are put at risk. With so many other responsibilities at work, you need a reliable crane and hoist solution.

TTT Cranes uses it’s expertise to help you get the right crane and hoists for your needs, as well as make sure they’re safe and up to standards and regulations. We are a turnkey solution, and can assist with any plant related issues.

48 Ceramic Curve, 9 Buffalo Park, Richards Bay, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa