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"Aircon Pros Cape Town - Full-service air conditioning company Don't suffer through one more boiling summer or freeze during the winter months. You should have the facilities to makes you feel warm in winters and cold in summer seasons. Choose an aircon to have a perfect temperature level in your house or workplace. If you already have one, call us whenever you need a repair. - Major brands available - Existing ac unit upgrades - All kinds of aircon repairs - Aircon repairing

Air conditioner Installers Do you need an aircon installation for your residential property or office? Call us now. Get help selecting an aircon unit that Let us help you in picking the best aircon that doesn't disturb you as well as looks beautiful. New ac unit installations from simple back to back split wall systems to complex long runs and central air conditioning systems to supply the whole residential or commercial property. There are many options to pick from even if you are on a low budget and need something general or if you have a large living/working space that needs to be cooled. If you need to discover what's best for your residential property or office, call us or fill a hassle-free online form.

Air Conditioner Services You should get regular ac restoring repairs because it: - Keep it running like a new aircon - Save electricity - Removes dirt and dust from piping and ducts - Helps to find serious problems in ac Have your residential ac restored every 6 to 12 months and ask an expert to fix your commercial unit every 3 to 6 months. Don't handle ac restoring by yourself as it will cause you further damage. To get your ac repaired promptly by filling in the online form or contacting us.


Aircon Repairs Do you want to eradicate the weird sounds coming from your aircon? If you act quickly, any further damage to the ac can be prevented. - Compressor repairs and replacements - Ac gas refills - Ac parts supplies - Aircon electrical connection repairing - Ac sensor faults - Drainage complications

Get your ac system repaired the same day, call us now.

Aircon Brands Choose from a variety of South African leading air conditioning brands and suppliers: Samsung, Medea, Toshiba, Daikin, LG, Alliance, York, Jet-Air, Aux, Goldair And much more …

Commercial AC Installations|Commercial Air Conditioner Installations} It is not considered best to work in high temperatures. Keep your staff cool and efficient with an energy-efficient air conditioning unit for your factory, office space, or industrial building. Ac units that deliver perfect cooling to any sort of business unit and industrial building. Get in touch with us today and we will arrange a free specialist visit to your office space along with the complimentary guidance.

Licenses & Service warranties Each item we supply or install carries a manufacturer's guarantee. To keep the guarantee under validation have it repaired at least once.


What dimension aircon do I need for my home? You can go for an aircon installation that fits the entire home or specific rooms. Depending on the dimension of your room or home, an aircon having the perfect 'BTU' will be advised. Such as, a small room would only need a 12,000 BTU unit, a large room could need 24,000 or several medium-size systems. If you measure the dimension of your room we can spec the right unit and give you several options to choose from.

How much does it cost to install an aircon? Air conditioners come in various models and sizes and that's what helps to find out how much it costs. The cost range for ac installation starts from R5000 and can increase up to thousands.

What is the guarantee? The ac installation guarantee stands from 2 to 5 years. Should it break, need services, or not work properly, the guarantee will substitute or repair it for free. Whereas, the general ac components are covered under 12 months.

Can the aircon installation cause me to have a high electricity bill? This is a myth. If you choose an air conditioner that is developed according to the latest technology, it won't cause a considerable increase in the bills.

{Don't aircon systems make a lot of noise?|Is it true that an aircon makes too much noise?|How much noise does the aircon produce?|I've heard that aircons make a lot of noise, how true is this?|I want a noiseless aircon but I am concerned that it will make a lot of noise, what do you suggest? No, the latest air conditioner units are not like this. It will work soundlessly while you sleep or watch tv with your family.

Is it a wise decision to install an aircon? Yes, it is right. Your ac will help you to stay cool in summer seasons. It is also helpful in the winter to keep you warm. You will have a great time living in your home.

I am concerned that it will not merge with my decor Don't be concerned as your aircon will fully merge with your room and appear as pleasing as it should be. Your room will appear the same even after the ac installation. "

Bellville, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa 7530