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Contact Information

Skip Hire Pros

Need to hire a skip? Call us today!

Are you stressed about where to get rid of a huge amount of dump? Contact us!   We deliver to your properties, you fill it and then we collect - it's as easy as that!

We provide skip rentals throughout Johannesburg.

Our skip bins are best for:


Property junk

Event waste

Rubbish from shops

General waste

Yard refuse

Demolition waste

Scrap metal

Dust and soil


Skip Hire Pros

Address: 100 Johannesburg Rd, Lyndhurst, Johannesburg City, 2192

087 250 0308


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Debris removal service in Johannesburg. Looking for reliable skip hire? You Call, We Deliver✓ You fill, We Collect, We dump your waste responsibly✓.


Skip rentals in Johannesburg

Skip rentals in Johannesburg

Ignore your tours to the garbage lot all over again. Choose a skip, fill up it and wait for us to collect it.

Just fill up the online form and choose the delivery and pick up dates and we will deal with the rest.

Let us know for how long you need to keep the skip because our regular turnaround is 2-day.



Skip hire for residential properties

Domestic Skip Hires

Has way too much refuse become difficult to be handled by your local municipal waste collection? Choose a skip! We drop it off at your home, you fill it up and then we collect it.

Our home skips can be used for:

Spring cleaning

Lawn refuse

General refuse

Renovation refuse


Commercial Skip Rentals

Commercial Skip Hires

Go on and use skip leasings for commercial property as well.

Skips are easy to use and a hygienic way to dispose of refuse.

Our skips will be at your premises till you manage to fill them.

Commercial skips offer perfect functionality for:


Businesses that generate lots of refuse

Workplaces that are being remodelled


Lawn services

Give us a call or fill the online form so that we can explain our skip leasings in detail.



Skip hire for construction sites

Building And Construction Skip Hires

It is often quite challenging to remove the debris and waste from constructing areas.

We offer mini, midi, and maxi in 2, 6, and 11 cubes each.

Complete the easy internet-based form to schedule the skip delivery and pick up.

Skip Sizes

Skip Sizes

You can opt for any of these 3 sizes:

Mini (2 cubes).

Midi (6 cubes).

Maxi (11 cubes).

Mini skip bins are perfect for home refuse extraction, such as lawn refuse. You will be able to collect 2 Venter trailers worth of rubbish in the mini skip bin.

Midi skips are equal to 30 your local municipal waste collection bins that can fit light industrial dump disposal.

Maxi skips are double as that of midi skips and can effortlessly accommodate building and construction areas dump.

Delivery as well as collection available in Johannesburg

Skip Delivery and Collection in Johannesburg.

Our skip delivery service is provided for the Johannesburg area! Skip leasings can be made use of for many days too and once you are ready for the collection, contact us.

Just fill up in the internet-based form for a free quotation or phone today to discuss your skip hire needs.



Cost of renting a skip

Skip Rent Rates

We charge on a per skip basis. Rates also differ depending on to the leasing period.

Pay the following amount for a 2-day skip leasing:

Mini (2 cubes) skip: R 700

Midi (6 cubes) skip: R 1500

Maxi (11 cubes) skip: R 2800

Our charges consist of skip shipment and collection in Johannesburg.

Responsible Dumping of your Waste

We dispose of the dump in a safe and eco-friendly manner.

The dump which can't be reused is taken to a certified landfill dump and the recyclable dump is taken to a specialized plant.

We will never illegitimately dump your dump.

Why you should consider hiring a skip

If you have more refuse than your local municipal waste collection, then our leasing is the best resolution. Save your time and money if you have:

Enormous amounts of refuse from nearby events, eating places, or stores

Waste accumulated at building and construction sites

Residential waste including lawn waste and other household items

Still not sure which skip is best for you? Connect with us and we will help you in going with the best skip for you!



Items Allowed in your Skip

As long as it is not dangerous, you can put any form of waste into the skip. After picking up the waste, we will get rid of it at a recycling plant or at a disposal area.

Connect with us here for any questions or a free of cost quotation.

Junk Elimination.

Do you need to renovate your property or manage a building site? Keep the debris in the skip for as many days as you want and wait for us to collect it.

For more information and a free of cost quotation, fill the online form.




Where do you transport your skips?

We are readily available all throughout Johannesburg. Simply let us know whenever you need us to collect the skip.

How long can I keep the skip?

You can keep the skip for as long as you want! Some of our clients lease skips for 24-48 hours, and some keep skips for keeps.

Connect with us here for additional information about the skips you want.

What form of dump can be disposed in a skip?

You can put any dump you like in your skip, as long as it is not harmful. We always pick a far area to deal with the waste. We lawfully dump non-recyclable waste at a garbage lot.



What is the charge of a skip leasing?

Rates differ depending on to the period of the leasing and dimension of the skip. We ask the following amounts for skips:

Mini (2 cubes) skip: R 700

Midi (6 cubes) skip: R 1500

Maxi (11 cubes) skip: R 2800

How to select the ideal dimension of skip?

A mini skip can store 2 Venter trailers worth of refuse so if you require this, go for it. A midi skip is 3 times that dimension, while a maxi skip is much bigger and is suitable for building and construction sites.

We are constantly ready to recommend an excellent skip depending on to your refuse extraction wants - just fill the form by clicking here!

Do you recycle the refuse after you collect it?

We try to recycle most of the refuse. Waste that can't be reused is taken to a registered land fill site. Our refuse disposal techniques are lawful.

Why would I want to hire a skip in place of a truck or bakkie?

Skip is far more economical than a truck or bakkie. It is far easier to dump the dump inside and wait for us to pick it up.



Can I use a skip without any inconvenience?

It is by far the easiest technique. It needs very little work to put the debris inside a skip and you don't even need a ladder or equipment. Just put the junk inside and that's it. The rest is on us!

Am I selecting the right technique to dispose of the dump by selecting a skip rental?

If you pick your local municipal waste collection, you'll end up dumping one roller bin weekly. If you have more junk, you will need to dispose of it yourself. While a bakkie or truck will cost you more and is a cumbersome refuse removal technique. Save your time, money, and work by selecting a skip hire service.

Contact us for a free of charge quote here!


Do you recycle skip materials?

Yes, we dispose of every recyclable item at a recycling facility. Other refuse is taken to a landfill location.

I have complex refuse removal needs - can you help?

Yes, we surely can! Send us a message or call us on our number to talk about it further.

100 Johannesburg Rd, Lyndhurst, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa 2192