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Contact Information

Rubble Removal Pros Providing rubble removal throughout Johannesburg About rubble removal Johannesburg Here at Rubble Removal Pros, you will be given affordable, safe rubble removal services which adheres to all safety protocols in and around Johannesburg. We know that doing rubble removal on your own can be a challenge-- especially if you do not have the suitable equipment or are unable to get rid of larger items. Contact us now for a commitment free quote

Rubble Removal Pros Address: 2 Ernest Oppenheimer Ave, Bruma, Johannesburg City, Johannesburg, 2026 087 250 0140 Website: Social Media:

Waste management service in Johannesburg. Hire a rubble removal team that is experienced in the removal of all types of waste and rubble. Rubble Removal Pros will remove junk and general waste, building rubble, household junk, garden and tree refuse, tree removal as well as skip hire.

Reasons you should opt for Rubble Removal Pros

Decide On Rubble Removal Pros for the best rubble removal services, we provide the following advantages:

1. No additional mess 2. Same day, dependable service, no waiting period 3. Expert, highly- skilled rubble removal team 4.100% FREE, no-obligation quotes for your rubble removal


Leaving your waste and rubble to accumulate does not only make your house look messy but can also become a health concern- Get in touch with Rubble Removal Pros today for professional rubble removal services.

Our Professional services

Below are several of the rubble removal services we provide. Our staff will eliminate all rubble and waste from your home but unfortunately we are not able to eliminate hazardous items. These items include food waste, pesticides, automotive waste, paints and solvents and batteries.

General Waste

Piled up waste can make your property look untidy and unattractive, do you need waste eliminated from your home in Johannesburg? Let Rubble Removal Pros eliminate your rubble or waste to ensure your home looks neat once again!

Get in touch with us to receive a free price quote today!

Construction Rubble Removal

Rubble removal can cause a lots of worry especially when your top priority is designing in your home. Reliable and expert rubble removal is a priority for Rubble Removal Pros. Regardless of the sort of rubble, sand, bricks, concrete, metal or wood, Rubble Removal Pros will get rid of any excess rubble in Johannesburg and surrounding areas.

Household Trash Removal

Household trash can very quickly accumulate causing your property to look messy, this ends up being an even bigger problem when you have to keep this trash for weeks because your local municipality only makes a garbage collection trip once a week. Phone us at Rubble Removal Pros to look after all your household trash, no need to wait for the municipality. We will get rid of it all in one day. Here at Rubble Removal Pros we eliminate everything from geysers to furniture.

Removal of Yard and Tree refuse

Rubble Removal Pros will definitely also remove any yard refuse from your dwelling. We get rid of all yard rubbish including branches, twigs, leaves and debris, keeping your yard free of unwanted rodents and snakes.

Tree Removal

Choosing to keep your yard neat and pruned will require a few trips to the dump. Phone Rubble Removal Pros to help you in getting rid of big trees and branches, saving you a few trips to the dump. Our staff at Rubble Removal Pros are equipped with the appropriate machinery and skills to help you with tree fell and trimming.

Skip Rental

Have way too much waste for your local municipality to pick up?

Rubble Removal Pros will drop it at your home, all you need to do is fill it, we will collect it once filled. Call us today for a free quote on a skip suitable for you.

Rubble Removal Pros Johannesburg Johannesburg

Our teams at Rubble Removal Pros will get rid of rubble from any office, home or construction site in Johannesburg Merely fill in the online form for a free quotation or telephone today to talk about your rubble removal needs.

Rubble removal costs

Each rubble removal project is unique, as the amount and effort to remove needs to be considered.

The following needs to be provided before a quote can be given:

1.The location of the removal site 2.The items that you need to be removed 3.The amount of rubble you need removed

These three points are important as they will affect the cost of the rubble removal project. Your location, the size of the items and the amount of rubble will affect the cost of the rubble removal project.

Where will the Waste and Rubble be Disposed of?

Rubble Removal Pros throw away all rubble and waste properly at municipal dumping grounds. Our team, under no circumstances, throw away waste in residential areas or locations not situated for disposing of rubble and waste.

FAQ Any concerns regarding rubble removal?

What is considered to be rubble? Any objects that are unusable, such as broken appliances, or waste accumulated because of renovations, building projects or garden repair and maintenance, to name a few.

The Size of Rubble we Clear away Our staff at Rubble Removal Pros are able to get rid of any size rubble, we work according to cubic meters per ton for waste like sand and bricks.

Taking away appliances and garden waste of any size is a service our company offers at Rubble Removal Pros.

Are your Rubble Removal Services only for Residential Properties? No, we also offer removals for waste at homes, businesses, and demolition and building sites.

2 Ernest Oppenheimer Ave, Bruma, 2026, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa