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Decking Pros

Best decking services in Johannesburg - Pool & Patio outdoor decking at convenient pricing. Deck installation service provider.

All kinds of decking offered - Decks and Pergolas - Top Deck Builder & Installer

Pool decking, Sun decks, and Pergolas Johannesburg - Build the deck of your dreams. Pro Deck Builder and Installers

All forms of decks under one roof - Deck Builders and Installers Johannesburg - Patio decking, Pool decking, Sun decks, Pergolas, and more!

Decking Pros Address: Melville, Johannesburg City, 2092 087 250 3223 Website: Social Media:

Deck builder in Johannesburg. Expert Deck Builder Contractors. Composite Decking, Wooden Decking, Wooden Pergolas, Pool Decking and Cladding. Get Decking Maintenance and Repair same-day. Enhance the look of your home and increase its value, call Decking Pros now. Facebook YouTube Twitter

Outdoor decking for your patio, and pools in Johannesburg. Reach us to know more.

Wonderful decking, sun decks, and patios to enhance your outdoor space. Contact now for an evaluation and free quotation in Johannesburg.

Get Your Dream Deck. Decking, Patios, and Cladding in Johannesburg. Reliable, high quality, and budget-friendly.

Let us install a deck that lasts for decades and looks equally attractive Increase the value of your home with decking, pool cladding, and pergolas Enjoy your garden this summer with a new deck Improve your lifestyle with a timber, composite or plastic deck

Decking For Your Dream Home

Pergolas, Sun Decks, and Pool Decks by Popular Deck Installer & Builder of Johannesburg

Multiple sorts of decks to choose from Get free price estimations Durable and attractive decks

Thinking about upgrading the outdoor area? Decks are available in a variety of materials and forms to completely remodel your outdoor area. Deck installers provide: New deck installations Periodic deck maintenance Decking services for particular needs Deck installation assistance

A pro will assess the outdoor space and come up with an appropriate decking option along with the quote.

Here's why you should opt for decking installation in your outdoor space: You tend to enjoy a bit more when you have decks installed in the outdoor area It increases the resale value of your home apart from increasing the looks An outdoor space that can make you feel relaxed with its beauty



Pro Solutions By Deck Builders & Installers Composite Decking: Composite decking is considered a most convenient option because it is: More tough and more hard-wearing than wooden decking A decking product that involves less upkeep Alluring just like wooden decks An amazing decking investment Offered in several colouring options to enhance the beauty of your outdoor space

If you need an environment-safe decking solution, then go for composite decking. It has wood, plastic, and binding agents as its constituents. No matter what type of composite decking you require, you have numerous options to pick from. Wooden Decking: The outdoor space looks attractive with wooden decking installed. Wooden decking is a natural option and boosts the value of a residence.

One can easily afford wooden decking and get it installed.

Wooden decks that are harmless to the earth and sourced from quality materials including: IPE Garappa Pine Red Balau Massaranduba

Wooden Pergolas Decking is a remarkable idea to transform the outdoor space of your home or business. But if you want to give your outdoors a completely new look, go for pergolas.

A wooden pergola can: Provide safety to the outdoor deck Beautify the outdoor decking Shield you from harmful sunlight in the afternoon

Do you want to get an outdoor area that looks remarkable? Give us a call or fill in the online form today!

Pool Decking Are you stressed over not having ideal pool paving? Sometimes pool paving doesn't look amazing and can be unsafe for the children.

Pool decking is a state-of-the-art and trendy alternative for the area bordering your pool. Whether you opt for composite or wooden pool decking, it will be tough and will spruce up your pool's appearance for many years.

Increase your pool's charm by choosing a wooden pergola.

Decking Maintenance and Repair Your decking needs regular maintenance. Wooden decking requires persistent upkeep as compared to composite decking.

Save your money by taking guidance or repair service by a professional.

Whether it is a minor repair or a major one, we can do it for you. Repair your deck, you can have it sanded down and treated with a top quality product for maximum durability.



FAQ Which decking is best when comparing wooden and composite? It is not easy to answer this question. Composite decking is way more tough when compared to wooden decking. It is more pricey but probably worth it in the end. Wooden decking looks genuine and all-natural and is perfect if you intend to keep a natural look and feel to your outdoor space. It is relatively cheaper than composite but does require regular maintenance.

How long wooden decking can last? Wooden decking needs periodic maintenance, and if you can commit to it, then your decking will easily last up to a few years.

Can my deck become wet? Decks can absorb outdoor moisture and become slippery but there are ways to avoid this. Provided that you sweep your deck regularly and clean it when necessary to remove enclosed particles and caught dampness, it should not be wet. Or else apply anti-skid oil bought from a decking builder and installer.

Can the surface under the decking be home to rats? It is a complete myth as it is impossible for rats to survive under the decks. There's no place in the decking that is available by rats.

Is planning permission obligatory to install a deck in my home? No, there's no approval required to install decking if you have your own residential or commercial property.

My yard is sloped: can I still have a deck installed? Yes, you can install a deck because there's no damage to the deck or the garden. If you hire a professional, they can make your yard look far better.

How to clean decks? We strongly advise you not to use pressure washing as a method to wash the decking. You should sweep the decking first and then clear away the excessive dirt by using a stiff brush. If the dirt has still not gone, use a hose along with a mild cleaning product.

I am wondering if the decks can handle heavy pots? Go for it with no hesitation because we install only tough decks.

Melville, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa 2092