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Precast Walling Pros Pretoria

Pretoria's # 1 Precast Walling - Complete security at a fraction of cost Precast Walling Suppliers & Installers Pretoria * Precast walling company - fast and efficient Free Of Charge Quotes Pretoria - Cost Effective Precast Walls

Precast Walling Pros Pretoria Shop 8a, 1 Gobie St, Newlands, Pretoria, 0063 087 250 0106,,


Get precast walls done by Pretoria's most efficient company. To get an idea of how much it will cost you to get the precast wall done, contact us for a totally free quote. Complimentary quotes for precast walls to shield your property in. Get an extra layer of security by a professional wall company. Complimentary quotes in Pretoria.

Brick walls, precast walls, and concrete palisade fencing. Complimentary estimate and initial visits in Pretoria! Give your house complete security with precast wall

Keep your loved ones safe with a durable precast wall Cost Effective Precast Walling in Pretoria Protect your property with secure precast walls

Premium quality and economical Free price quote and speedy installation Increase the value of your property Customized options available Improve your privacy Precast Wall Repairs and Extensions

Looking for an extra layer of cover for your home or office building? Find out the best precast walling specialist near you!

Precast walling does both, enhance the beauty as well as protection of your home. Precast walling is easy to assemble and is the most economical walling option.

A precast wall can be put up within 1 day. Pick from a variety of options and styles:

Concrete palisade fencing. Plain precast walling. Klinker brick precast walling. Decorative precast walling. Block brick precast walling. Louvre precast walling. Vibracrete walls. Precast accessories (eg. braais, wall inserts, etc) One of our agents will personally visit the property to be walled and secured before actually giving you an obligation-free quotation. Call now!

Precast Wall Service and Raising If your precast wall is wrecked or cracked, a precast wall expert can fix it for you. Call us or fill the online form and we will offer a quick quotation.

You can also call us if you need to raise the precast wall. Styles of Precast Walling Precast walling is considered the best method to secure a property or industrial property. There are many styles to select from and you can easily add on electric fencing or razor wire to offer additional safety. Precast walls stand tall for several years without any rust or degradation whatsoever. Once installed, your precast wall will last for many years and offer you great safety.

Plain Precast Walling Go for plain precast walling if you are looking to save some money. We install a grey precast walling that can be given any other colour after installation. It is an affordable option that gives amazing security to your house. It compliments all kinds of buildings and you will be happy with your investment.

Attractive Precast Walling Give your property a distinct look with plain precast moulds that have attractive panels installed. It is normally tailored according to your needs and can also be painted in any colour.

There are many options in terms of designs and patterns so that you can choose whichever you like. Louvre Precast Walling Louvre precast walling uses thin horizontal panels to create an understated, yet classy boundary wall. Like other kinds of precast walling, it looks great in its raw form or it can be painted to boost and match the look of your property. Block Brick Precast Walling Block brick precast walling has an attractive concrete brick and that makes it really preferred among many people. These walls appear amazing even without paint or attractive panels but if you want to add an extra touch, go on.

Concrete Palisade Fencing

This precast walling consists of vertical concrete posts. It has many conveniences: It has a trendy yet timeless appeal Concrete fencing doesn't react with rain or moisture and that's what protects it from corrode Due to its adjoining concrete post design, it provide exposure as well as privacy Concrete posts can also be painted Metal palisade requires standard routine maintenance and is less durable whereas concrete palisade is exactly opposite to this Call us now to get an obligation-free quote on concrete palisade fencing. Brick Precast Walling Brick precast walling has been favored for years. Apart from being pleasing and durable, it gives your wall a unique character. Brick precasting does not require painting and looks as beautiful even after years of installation.

Brick precast walling comes in two types, one that is double-sided and another one that has a concrete material on the opposite side.

Precast Accessories Get a huge variety of precast walling accessories and more such as: Braais Gates that can be joined to your precast wall Steel and palisade inserts Steel and Palisade Inserts Steel or palisade inserts can be inserted into your precast wall. These work best on existing precast walls and improve the look of your overall property.

Gates Gates can be installed when you have your walls built, providing you with a complete protection solution. Gates are available in sliding, swing, with or without a motor. Concrete Palisade


What is it to have a precast wall installed?

Precast wall is built with concrete. Many panels are put on the wall to give it a proper structure. To speed up the installation procedure, concrete is precast. Is it helpful to install precast walls to secure property? Precast concrete walls: Can be tailored according to your style and choices. Can be quickly put up (generally within a day). Are Economical. Are easy to mend. Are top quality and very durable

How can I clean my precast wall? Usually, pipe it down with some water will eliminate dirt and dirt but if this doesn't work, you could wipe it down with a soapy solution and then use a high-pressure pipe. How can I paint a precast wall? Get rid of the dirt and gunk from the wall after you have selected the paint colour. Ensure that there are no cracks or spots in your wall before sealing it with a precast sealant. Use a layer of primer and let it dry out before you use 1to 2 coats of paint. Polish off with a concrete paint sealer. How long does it normally take for a precast wall to be put up? It entirely depends on the length of the wall but it generally takes a day. What is the best way to maintain a precast wall? Precast walls are most easy to maintain. Pipe it down with water or use a soapy solution annually and your precast wall will look like a new one. How durable is precast walling? Precast walling is one of the most durable sort of walling. Not even an extreme weather or fire can impact a precast wall. Trespassers find it difficult to damage a precast wall, making it the ideal security feature. Can I fix my precast wall myself? Go ahead and order the replacement panels and pieces on our website before you begin mending your precast walls.

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