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Plumbers Network Somerset West

Speedy, Affordable Plumbers in

- Plumbing services for a variety of plumbing problems - Reliable and quick call-outs - Free quotations and professional plumbing services

Do you have an urgent or bothersome plumbing issue? Get it sorted immediately!

Plumbers Network Somerset West

087 250 2188,,


Leaking or ruptured pipes Brand new Installations of bathrooms and kitchen fixtures Blocked drains and sewage systems Geyser repairs or replacements Drip detection Commercial plumbing maintenance Leaking taps and toilets

Plumbers available to assist you 24/7. Faulty plumbing and leaks can cause irreversible damage, call today!.

Indulge in planning your new bathroom or kitchen but leave the plumbing to us! Book your obligation-free quote.

It's very simple to make a job booking. Give us a call or submit the online form for a (PIRB) experienced plumber to assist you any time of day.

5 minutes is all it takes to book your plumbing job. However big or small, PLumbers Network has all you need.

We make it simple for you to book a certified plumber in your city. Just submit the effortless to use online form or call directly to book a plumber near you.

Plumbers available 24/7. Plumbing issues don't follow business hours and can happen during the night or on a public holiday.

Leaking pipes, ruptured geysers and clogged drains should be sorted out promptly. Simply phone and get a qualified plumber in your area offering swift service.

Replacement and Repair of Geysers

Your geyser has a long but limited life-span. It will undoubtedly need to be fixed or replaced sooner or later. A plumber with geyser experience can help you claim from insurance.

Bear in mind that the longer you leave it, the more harm it can cause and the more likely it can not be fixed

Geyser Maintenance and repair

When a geyser bursts it leaks water which you may see trickling through your ceiling. Geyser leaks can causes a great deal of harm. Do not delay, contact a specialist today.

Replacement of Geysers

Your geyser won't last forever! Get a plumber to service and replace all brands of geysers and who will replace your geyser with the same size and quality. The 150l Kwikot geyser has an excellent warranty and is the most recommended geyser

Blocks in Drains.

Do you have a clogged drain? A clogged drain is very common and can be unblocked easily.

A clogged drain can be a result of several things:

Plaster products entering the drain Ingrowing roots Accumulation of waste material Small stones Embedded plant material

A clogged drain needs attention urgently because it can cause major harm to the areas.

Small Plumbing Repairs.

A leaking tap or toilet can cause you to lose a lot of money on your water bill! The call out fee is budget-friendly even for small repairs.

Using only the finest fittings and fixtures from SABS approved branded products, like Cobra. New tap and toilet upgrades.

New Kitchen and Bathroom Installations Do you want to build on to your home or do you need brand-new plumbing equipment put in?

Toilets Electric and Solar Energy Geysers Kitchen sinks, taps, dishwashers Entire plumbing systems for houses and business properties Baths, showers and basins Water pipes

Get only the absolute best products such as Kwikot, Cobra, Tivoli and Moen that are affordable but are made to endure

Leak Detection Water leaks not only cause harm but also increase your water bill. Water leaks can be from any place:

Tanks Water pipes Toilets, showers, baths and basins Geysers Kitchen pipes Below ground sewage system and water pipes

We use very advanced electronic leak detection tools to locate and repair your leak without digging up your property.

A hidden leak could be causing your water bill to dramatically increase.. Call a plumber today.

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