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Paving Pros East Rand

Paving Service Providers Boksburg Do you wish to transform your outdoor area into an eye-catching area? You are at the right place because we are the reputable paving pros of Boksburg. Our association has a team of pros that have years of experience in providing paving services to the local customers. It does not mater what the purpose you need paving done, our crew has the skills to improve your residential or commercial property. Our team has worked for schools, houses, churches, shopping malls, markets, hospitals, and many other properties. Get in-depth paving information through one of our pros on a call today!

Paving Pros East Rand 2a Lantana Rd, Atlasville, Boksburg, 1459 087 250 0490,,


Our Services Our paving services cover every type of property whether it is residential or industrial.

Patio Paving and Pool Area Paving We have a team of paving specialists that can help in transforming your pool or patio area. Want to completely restore your pool or patio area? We can enhance it to the exact level that you wish for. We are well-versed in handling any paving project and convert your area into a perfectly paved one. Throughout, you'll have the best time consulting with us.

Driveway Paving Does your driveway ruin the outer look of your home? If the answer to this concern is yes, then let us offer you with customized paving services. After the paving is installed successfully, you'll be surprised how your outdoor is complementing the interior of your home.

Entryway and Walkway Paving Paving can improve the entrance or walkway to a huge amount. Stop looking at mesmerizing entryways in the magazines, because our various paving designs can give you even more than that. We will let you know which type of paving is best for your spot after looking at it first. We will enhance your space to give it a finish that will never become outdated.

Commercial and Industrial Paving Indeed the first impression is the last impression. Owning a commercial property that looks the part tells everyone who visits that they are dealing with the right people. A beautiful building makes the business successful. A decent and well-structured business building influences others in a positive way. We have various forms of paving services to match your industrial building. We have paving services for every type of business that can get along with your branding colours.

Paving Cleaning Paving clean-up is tedious and you can not reach specialist outcomes on your own. Let us know if you need specialist cleaning up done for your paving.


Varieties of Paving blocks We offer paving installations for

Residential Driveways and Paving Your driveway can lead to a significant first impression on anyone who is visiting your home. If you have a slightly high budget then you can go for clay pavers otherwise, cobble or bevel edge pavers are ideal for your driveway. If you still have any inquiries, we are there to help you choose the best one for your driveway.

Flagstone Paving If you need paving for the pool and patio area, let us set up one in your home. The area around your pool or patio can have attractive patterns and designs with the paving installed.

Commercial Paving For your commercial building, go for SABS approved pavers that are durable. These pavers are perfect for any commercial unit that is involved in massive loads. Although meant for commercial applications, these pavers come in various colours, shapes, and textures.

Retaining walls and blocks Retainer walls are necessary to make your building look good and also have other uses. These retainer blocks come in a variety of different shapes and are most commonly used to retain soil that poses a challenge to building sites.

Wall Cladding Wall cladding is a great way to improve the overall appearance of your house, it is applied by cementing loose pieces of cast cladding onto the wall using different shapes and sizes to form a style.


- Which is the most effective way to reach a paving contractor? You can fill the online form to consult the most counted on paving contractor in Boksburg or you can also connect with us through calling. - I need paving routine maintenance service, do you offer that? Paving is generally durable but it gets affected due to external factors. If it is being used regularly then the paving can become stained. That's why you need to get your hands on our paving routine maintenance services. - Why should you rely on us? Do you want to know why we are the best? Our pros are skilled Our specialists are skilled and have access to modern paving tools We charge less when compared to others The raw material and supplies we use are of top quality and come directly from the suppliers Our services cover 100% satisfaction guarantee

Get In Touch We understand that you deserve absolutely the best paving services. We are here to offer you the paving you've wished for. Call us and we will gladly provide you with a free quote.

Witfield, Beyers Park, Boksburg South, Boksburg North, Boksburg South.

2a Lantana Rd, Atlasville, Boksburg, Gauteng, South Africa 1459