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CCTV Pros Pretoria Criminals will think twice before entering into your property with CCTV cameras.

CCTV Pros Pretoria 37 Braam Pretorius St, Pretoria, 0066 087 250 3146,,


The majority of crime incidents can be prevented if you know what's happening on your property. With CCTV you can keep an eye on your property wherever you are. Stay one step ahead of potential criminals with clear imaging in high resolution. CCTV Installers Pretoria A local CCTV installer gives you a large range of security camera options in a selection of settings:

- Retail sites - Top-level access environments - Workplaces - Homes - Warehouses - Site jobs

Installation companies in Pretoria will provide you with an all- inclusive price quote to buy or rent a CCTV system.

Paying a monthly fee is all you will need to do to rent a CCTV system, it's as easy as that. Why put in CCTV security cameras for your office or home? It's no secret that we have crime in South Africa and the more security you have safeguarding your property, the better! CCTV security cameras offer your office or home with an extra layer of security against possible criminals entering into your home.

CCTV security cameras not only make consumers feel safe in your building but also encourage employees to work efficiently all while securing your property as well.

When criminals know that they are on camera, they will prefer to go someplace else to carry out their crime.

Security camera types(360, HD, Night Vision) Your CCTV security camera system is only as good as the equipment. Think about your security needs before choosing a CCTV camera system.

HD(High Definition) CCTV cameras HD (high definition) CCTV cameras make it straightforward to determine suspects and activities out of the ordinary. The crisp, crystal clear images make things very easy to make out numbers and small details for criminal investigations.

60 Degree CCTV cameras {60 degree cameras can detect motion in an area up to 4 metres and are recommended for small spaces, like courtyards.|60 degree cameras are great for small spaces, they are able to recognize motion in an area of up to 4 metres.|Have a small area which needs to be monitored? The 60 degree camera is the camera for you, it is able to recognize motion in an area of up to 4 metres and is best for small areas.|Little areas only need a small camera like the 60 degree camera which can detect motion in an area of 4 metres.|Looking to oversee a store room or small area? The 60 degree camera is equipped to detect movement in an area up to 4 metres and is great for securing a small room

Analogue cameras If you need a simple CCTV camera that can supervise your office or home, an analogue camera is fantastic. The Analogue is a basic camera and therefore will not be able to pick up small details but will allow you to record general activities.

360 Degree cameras These particular cameras give you great quality images, even in the rain and fog. These cameras not only capture a 360 degree view of the area but also everything around the camera.

Night vision CCTV surveillance cameras A large number of people need to be able to take a look at their CCTV cameras at night, this can be challenging in the dark. The Night Vision cameras use infrared lights to capture crystal clear and crisp images despite how dark.

Wireless vs Wired Camera Options Don't hastily select your CCTV unit, first make a decision whether you want a wired or wireless security unit. There are benefits and drawbacks to everything and CCTV systems are no exception, you will need to decide based on what your security needs are.

Wired CCTV Camera Units Wired CCTV camera systems are perfect for bigger properties where you are equipped to run cables for power, video transmission and internet connection.

Pros and Cons to Wired CCTV systems

- Equipped to link numerous cameras whenever required - Well-suited to large size properties needing numerous cameras - Affected by power interruptions - Lacks flexibility - Reliable - Installing time may be time-consuming - Equipped to link numerous cameras whenever required

Wireless CCTV Options A wireless system is used to transfer your security footage which is kept on the cloud. A wireless CCTV system requires a WiFi network as well as a power source to connect to.

Pros and Cons to Wireless CCTV systems

- Really flexible and ideal for tenants - Like wired systems, they're impacted by power interruptions - Affected by interference, giving blurry images - Work only on a limited area - Requires a sturdy wireless signal - Installing time is fast


CCTV Installations Process CCTV installation procedure overview:

Assessment and estimate

A CCTV surveillance camera company close to you will carry out a site visitation and assessment of the area you would like to set up the cameras. The surveillance camera expert will provide you a recommendation on the best system for you and the required space. An obligation- free price quote will be provided to you and work can commence as soon as you have accepted and provided the go- ahead.

Mounting of CCTV cameras The CCTV specialist will choose essential places on your grounds and then mount the security cameras.

Wire and cable installation procedure Once the cameras have been positioned in the major areas, the wires and cables will be attached.

Connection and testing of the CCTV unit Your CCTV specialist will now connect all the elements and test to ensure that everything works.

Last handover The last handover involves the CCTV professional teaching you how the unit works and how to use it. The last handover will be finished once you have had a look at the installation, okayed it and signed it off.

Major CCTV camera brand names in S. The following are the number one CCTV brand names in South Africa:

- Samsung - Avigilon - Axis - Sunell - Dahua - Hikvision

How to choose the right CCTV cameras for your property Residential

A CCTV camera unit for a residential property will need to entail some thought on exactly where the cameras will be placed. If you are needing to monitor an area like your door or gate, an Analogue camera will be most ideal.

Need a camera to keep an eye on your gate and driveway but don't have a big budget?The Analogue camera is best. The 60 degree camera is best if you are looking to keep an eye on a very small place or activity in a particular area. Viewing the left and right of the camera would mean your camera keeps an eye on a complete area, the 360 degree camera does just this.

CCTV Camera Units for Commercial Properties

Commercial CCTV systems do happen to be slightly more complicated in comparison to domestic ones. Identifying smaller details or facial features will not be a problem with the commercial CCTV camera systems. A night vision camera is most suitable for monitoring anytime, day or night. It provides clear images regardless of time.

How to select the greatest CCTV Company

Decide whether you would like to rent or buy a CCTV unit before determining on a provider. Some providers give you the choice of buying or hiring a CCTV unit, others don't have both of these options available. If you would like after sales service as well as a warranty, make sure the company you have chosen to go with provides these.

Before consenting to the installation make sure you understand what has been provided in the price quote: Do they provide cables, is the installation provided? Are uninterrupted power supplies and connectors provided? Throughout the site visit the CCTV technician will make great suggestions for your CCTV camera needs. Ultimately, you should feel comfortable with the CCTV company- so, trust your gut instinct!

FAQ Can I install my own CCTV security camera unit?

Specialists are trained and experienced, they would set up the CCTV unit a lot quicker than you would be able to. You may find it challenging to mount the cameras and connect the cables.

Also, you may not know the best places to position the cameras and this could mean that your cameras do not get the whole area. Professional CCTV companies will perform the installation process in 1 day and the rates are economical.

Q - The cost of a CCTV unit? A - This will be dependent on the unit you select and whether you select to rent or buy the unit.

Q - Can CCTV cameras protect against crime?

A - CCTV camera systems function as a huge preventive against crime. Once a criminal has seen that the premises has CCTV cameras they will very likely choose another premises to execute their crime. Every home and business enterprise should have CCTV camera systems adding an extra level of security and protection.

Q - I already have great security in my workplace, why should I have a CCTV unit too.

A - It is not practical to think you or your security personnels can be all over all the time. Your CCTV unit will supervise your premises constantly without break. Your staff members will be on their finest behaviour throughout the day knowing the CCTV cameras are monitoring the premises.

Q - How long does it take to mount a CCTV camera security unit? A - Depending upon the overall size of your premises, the installation procedure normally takes only a few hours. So, you could have a running CCTV unit within a day!

Q- Does a CCTV camera unit add market value to my property? A - Certainly, it does. It is another good security feature that makes the property's occupants feel safer and more secure.


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