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Garage Door Repair Pros Pretoria 473 Lynnwood Rd, Lynnwood 012 004 2249

#1 Garage Door Repairs Pretoria | 012 004 2249 | Pretoria East, West, North GP | Garage Doors For Sale

Welcome to My Garage Doors Pretoria


At My Garage Doors Pretoria we are proud to offer installations and repairs of all types of garage doors. You don't have to be worried if your garage door has stopped working. Call us and we will reach your home or office right away. To get 24/7 garage door repairs at competitive pricing, choose My Garage Doors Pretoria. For affordable repairing of automatic or manual garage doors, you can count on My Garage Doors Pretoria. Why do you need garage door repair? There are many reasons that require a garage door repair expert. Some of them are:

- Roller is misplaced - Garage door springs are worn out

- Pulley wheels are worn out

- Suddenly broken cables

- Brackets are worn out or bent

- Crooked garage door - And more issues with garage doors. Let us resolve any issue with your garage door.

Garage Door Repairs Pretoria


A garage door or automation system can break anytime and it can be a source of irritation for you and your household. A garage door can stop functioning at any time. If you can't figure out why your garage door has stopped working, our technicians are there to assist you 24 HOURS A DAY. Don't step out of your house to get your garage door repaired right away. Types of garage doors we repair:

- Wooden garage doors - Sectional garage doors - Roller garage doors - Aluminium garage doors - Panel garage doors

We take care of your garage door repair to ensure that you can park your vehicle without getting stuck. Garage door repairing done by My Garage Doors Pretoria can make you forget that it was ever broken.

Industrial And Commercial Roller Door Repairs


Industries and other business units depend on My Garage Doors Pretoria to get their roller doors fixed. Roller shutter doors are popular amongst the business owners. We at My Garage Doors Pretoria, specialize in providing repair for roller type doors for all kinds of sizes. Stop stressing about the broken garage door of your office and start giving attention to other important things because My Garage Doors Pretoria has got your back.

Garage Door Spare Parts We Replace And Fix


Every garage door extra is supplied at My Garage Doors Pretoria. Our reliable 24/7 emergency garage door repairing service includes: - Garage door springs. The springs of the garage door helps to easily lift the door whilst opening and closing. Two kinds of springs are provided at My Garage Doors Pretoria. Stop messing with your garage door if its spring has worn out. Let a My Garage Doors Pretoria specialist repair it for you.

- Garage Automation makes it so you can quickly open and close the garage door by just pressing some keys on the remote. If your garage door is not opening because of motor breakdown, we will provide a replacement for any brand.

- Garage door cable. A broken garage door cable can lead to an injury for anybody. We will visit your home or office to fix snapped garage door cables. - Garage door brackets. Never wait for garage door brackets to get completely broken. For all garage door repair needs including bracket replacement in Pretoria, call My Garage Doors Pretoria.

- Garage door pulley wheels. Garage door pulley wheels get replaced through professional service technicians at My Garage Doors Pretoria.

- Apart from these garage door parts, we also supply hinges, tracks, rail drums, and other products in Pretoria.

New Single, Double and Custom Doors


Building a new house? Renovating your existing home or office? To help make your home or office even more protected, call My Garage Doors Pretoria for garage door installations. We work with major garage door suppliers to provide all kinds of garage doors to our customers. Regardless of the size of your garage is, we have garage doors in all variants. If you need garage door installations for any of the following, let us know:

- Roller Garage Doors. These doors can be safely folded up in the shape of a cylinder. The long lasting steel material of these doors can last for many years.

- Sectional Garage Doors. If you need a garage door that can easily be hidden on the ceiling, go for sectional doors.

- Aluminium Garage Doors. If you need reliable, lightweight, and affordable garage doors, then opt for aluminium ones. As opposed to iron garage doors, aluminium garage doors don't catch rust in moisture.

- Wooden Garage Doors. If you really want to give your garage door a modern look, opt for wooden garage doors. If an affordable and beautiful wooden garage door is what you require, give us a ring.

Panel Garage Doors. We offer panelled garage doors in various sizes including 20, 40, and 50 panels per door.

Garage Door Automation Installation


For both, commercial and residential properties automation garage openers are the safest. My Garage Doors Pretoria offers the best automation garage doors and motor installations at cost effective prices. My Garage Doors Pretoria offers the following automation services:

- InstallationServicing - Remote controls - Batteries - Garage door openers

We work with the most popular brands of garage door openers and automation in Pretoria.

- Centurion Garage Door Openers. At My Garage Doors Pretoria, you will be offered with top quality Centurion garage door motors and other automation products.

- Gemini Gate and Garage door motors. My Garage Doors Pretoria fulfils your garage door automation needs with Gemini automation products in Pretoria.

Service Areas


Garage door installation, repair, and automation service provider My Garage Doors Pretoria offer expert solutions around Pretoria. Areas: SUBURBS For quick and advanced garage door services in the aforementioned suburbs, visit us at

Frequent Inquiries

How to know that your garage door is not working? -------- - Broken springs - Worn out garage door opener - The garage door is making noises - Garage door remote control can stop working when the battery runs out

What if I need garage door accessories?


You can have every garage door spare part at My Garage Doors Pretoria.

How to determine which kind of garage door is best for me?


You can choose your garage door if you know the material, dimension, and cost of the garage door. We can help you in choosing your ideal garage door.

When should I speak to you?


We understand that garage doors need to get fixed fast, therefore, we will assist you the exact same day and often within an hour if possible.

Is garage door repair costly? -------- The overall cost is calculated according to the broken part of the garage door. You will never be overcharged and underserved at My Garage Doors Pretoria. For any queries, contact us.

Contact -------------

For all your garage door needs, you can rely on My Garage Doors Pretoria.

473 Lynnwood Rd, Lynnwood, pretoria, South Africa 0081